It's all bad news; every item of news is in fact, bad

It's all bad news; every item of news is in fact, bad
Arrrgghhhh! // Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune

There have been a lot of articles examining the state of the White Sox from some of the nationally-focused guys that I thought were of great interest, and wished to link to.  But something struck me: they all had horrible, horrible things to say about the team.

And not of the ranting "Hawk is a blowhard!  Pierzynski called me during dinner!", but more of the "We watched some tape, looked at some graphs, crunched some numbers, and these guys are doomed" variety.

David Pinto at Baseball Analytics uses heat maps to demonstrate that Alex Rios is trying to pull absolutely everything.  Pitchers have responded by not giving him anything to pull.  It has worked.

Chris Jaffe at the Hardball Times went through the career highlights of Roberto Alomar in preparation for his entry into the Hall of Fame.  After the White Sox acquired him mid-season in 2003, Roberto recorded the worst game of his career in terms of win probability added.  The White Sox then traded for him again the next season.

Matt Klaasen of Beyond the Box Score busted out the newest edition of his Catcher Defense rankings.  A.J. Pierzynski ranks 93rd...out of 94.  On one hand, "IN YOUR FACE, J.P. Arencibia!"  On the other hand, A.J. Pierzynski bats for a high average, and is a better baserunner than a lot of catchers, but otherwise his performance is just a notch above putting arsenic in the team drinking water.  You know what?  That's a point for Pierzynski.  He gets a reputation as a jerk, but in 7 seasons with the team he's never put arsenic in the team drinking water.

Adam Dunn had a candid sit-down with Yahoo's Jeff Passan where he talked about whether he's contemplated quitting during the worst season of his life.  Dunn's sentiments are a lot less disconcerting than you'd expect from a "Dunn talks about quitting" post, but yeah, the fact that this article exists is a horrible sign.  Also, he's getting benched more.

Jake Peavy made more people hate him by mentioning the fact that his margin of error was reduced by the offense only scoring two runs on Tuesday night.  In his defense, the offense only scored two runs.

Tony Pena's second go-round of rehab in Charlotte ended after four pitches on Wednesday when he felt elbow soreness.  That's a remarkably bad sign.  In related news, here's a clip of Brandon Allen hitting a ball 9,000 feet.

The Tigers traded two prospects to the Royals for 3B Wilson Betemit.  I giggled initially at the atrocious infield defense that Betemit-Peralta-Guillen-Cabrera will provide, but the White Sox will probably wind up missing the black hole in the lineup that Brandon Inge constituted more.  To get out of a jam Sunday, Phil Humber struck out Inge with a pitch that started in the left-hand batter's box, and ended in Traverse City.  Come back, Brandon.

I lied though, there's some good news.  Dayan Viciedo drew three walks and stole a base on Wednesday, Gordon Beckham is really good at defense despite accumulating errors in back-to-back games, and John Danks returned to the rotation healthy to throw 7 shutout innings.  The sun will come out tomorrow, and most of us won't die.


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