ChicagoNow has switched over to a WordPress format, which is a process that is a lot more labor-intensive than I care to hear my site admin talk about.  Like anything new and exciting on the internet, the transfer will be fraught with glitches to where you wonder why we didn't stick with the adorably familiar dinosaur that was the Movable Type format.

I don't know.  They didn't consult me.  Perhaps because it also contains a world of problems that I've just gotten used to, perhaps because the homepage looks an important presentation someone worked all night on to discover it in the morning covered in their child's finger paint.

In time, maybe this WordPress format will seem like a well-worn glove that we could never live without, but now we must bow our necks and prepare for the burden that is change.

There's been a great amount of transferring over of WSO material.  Pages, links, widgets, and other vital information (vital as far as baseball blogs go).  Some has come over easily, some hasn't, and some is just too cumbersome to even imagine re-working.  For example, all my old posts are chocked with images, and those images were inserted in an entirely different manner than this current format supports.  I may just resort to removing the images from reference articles like the stat primer, but a lot of my archives are going to remain scarred with formatting oddities forever.

If that sounds dismissive, well then let me backtrack.

I anticipate a great deal of problems, and would appreciate all attempts made to point out any issue or grievances people have with the new site to me so that they can be swiftly fixed.  My email should be available in the About page, and the comment section is always fertile ground (though there are supposed to be glitches with that too).  I'll be doing everything in my power to make this a top-notch White Sox blog, and will appreciate all the help I can get.


Thanks for putting up for this, and as always, for reading.


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