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How many people who appear to be dancing from afar are actually being hit in the face? // Fred Thornhill, Reuters

There's no punch & pie, so let's just get that out of the way to start.

The White Sox lost 4-2 to the Blue Jays Friday night, managing just three hits off of a heinously wild Kyle Drabek, who walked five.  This story was already old upon its first telling, but given some of the Sox previous struggles against guys who can't throw strikes, maybe this is progress.  Frighteningly slow progress.

A funny thing; if it was Monday,
and Kyle Drabek fell woefully behind Carlos Quentin with the bases
loaded and tried to get back in the count with a meaty fastball right
down the heart of the plate, CQ hits it eleven miles for a granny, and
the Sox win.  Instead it was Friday, so he fouled it back and muttered
to himself.  I love having Quentin in the lineup, it's lots of fun. 
Being tied to his whims because he's one of three worthwhile hitters is
less fun.  I don't know what I'm whining about, he drew a walk and tied
the game.  Clearly, everything is Konerko's fault.


Juan was the biggest power-hitter on Friday. Yeah, they lost // Fred Thornhill, Reuters

Without freaking out anymore about the day's loss--because I have to
stretch out all my disappointment over a 162 game season--I'll just
leave it general.  Adam Dunn's 4 walk day undoubtedly launched his wOBA
over the even .300 it was sitting at coming in, so now the White Sox
only have 4 regulars under the .300 line...or 5 if you count Brent
Morel.  Going out on a limb, I'll say the White Sox can't win the
division if they all stay there, or even if all 6 stay under .330 wOBA. 
It's the end of May, and the 'slow start' has become simply a "crappy
first 1/3 of the season".

It won't be much longer that staying the course while Viciedo sits in
Triple-A and Ozzie continues to find opportunities for Dallas McPherson
constitutes an approach geared for short-term success.

Quick thought: Burying Morel on the bench is equally pointless to
relegating Chris Sale to mop-up time.  Play the best prospects in the
system full-time...doesn't matter where.

Mike DePilla has ideas for improving interleague play
Frankly, I've never gotten into a tizzy about interleague play because
it seemed to improve the overall health of the league (via attendance),
the inequality of play due to the DH seems overblown, and I've never
bought into the sanctity of the separation of AL and NL play.  But Mike
makes a good point, some attempt to balance the schedules is due.

Future Sox covers Ryan Buch's promotion to Winston-Salem and breaks down hot & cold prospects of the past week
Jared Mitchell has stopped striking out at preposterous rates in the
past week.  Whatever thing it is you do to celebrate monumental
occurrences in life (weddings, births, successful bank heists), do it

Like I just did, J.J. pointed out much earlier
that if two of the guys we depended on to be above-average run
producers--Alex Rios and Adam Dunn--continue to play at levels that
doesn't even earn their starting role, then we're screwed in a gigantic
way.  He also insists that Pierre should be the first to go if Jackin' Dayan (h/t Jim Margalus) is promoted, and thinks Humber should keep the role he's earned.

Finally Jim chronicles Brent Morel's inability to take a walk (hmm, maybe he shouldn't play), gapes in shock and horror at what has become of Adam Dunn, and points out that taking the most reliable starter out of the rotation is going to sound pretty stupid.

A.J. Pierzynski doesn't think there should be rule changes for catchers in the wake of the Buster Posey injury,
which is pretty much you'd expect someone like him to say.  Changing
the way the game is played is always going to irk the vets, and changing
in the wake of single incident might be a dubious process, but neither
the integrity of the game nor fan interest seem to really be in danger
if you make it illegal to block the plate.

This is going to be a hectic time for me and the blog.  I'm going on
vacation starting this next Friday with three old college friends that I
haven't seen in a very long time and don't know when I'll ever see
again.  The amount of time I'll spend blogging is highly indefinite. 
Come June 13th, I'll definitely be at full productivity again.

Furthermore, ChicagoNow is making a transition to a WordPress format on
June 6th.  While overall I'm excited about the transition, the
adjustment period could have it share of blips and screwups coming from
both me and the new system.  Bearing with me will be a prerequisite.

I think I'll be buying a real domain name soon.  Even though it will just re-direct here, I hope you'll find it helpful.


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