Roster shuffling of the mundane variety


This is a crime.

It always cool when someone gets promoted.  It's a life-changing experience, a career milestone, a reason to buy a cake!  However, in the back of the promoted worker's mind, surely they know that their advancement is enabled by the fall of another.  In baseball, it's even more obvious, as the very players' whose major league dreams you just snuffed out has his name printed next to yours in the papers.

This blood is on your hands, Brian Bruney.

Bruney, one of an amusingly unambitious series of off-season acquisitions where the Sox figured they would just stockpile formerly-effective relievers to minor-league deals and hope that one or two finds the magic again.

Bruney is the real replacement for the injured Tony Pena (Lucas Harrell was played!), as he's earned the call-up by serving as the Charlotte Knights closer, compiling a 1.71 ERA (with a matching 1.75 FIP), striking out over 13 per 9 innings, and all the other stuff you'd expect the most major-league ready Triple-A reliever to do.  3.92 BB/9 suggests the control problems that derailed his career aren't gone, but hey, he's replacing Tony Pena here.

Harrell was sent down after eating 4 innings on Sunday that no one else wanted.  Funny, it's like the front office knew there'd be multiple innings that they didn't care about for Harrell to eat.  His presence provided the temporary oddity of watching Lucas Harrell.  He's capable of living in the strike zone, can hit 94, and has some decent movement...yet is wildly ineffective.  Pitching is tricky.

Mark Teahen is returning very soon from his rehab in Charlotte (read as much as you want into his 2-12 with 5 Ks line in his stint with the Knights), so obviously Dallas McPherson was on his way out. And yet, the Sox decided to be rid of the man who once hit 42 HR in 2008 with the Marlins Triple-A team a few days early by demoting him for Jeff Marquez so that he...well...I'm not sure why.

It's not like this move is inexplicable, as the Sox likely have more need for bullpen depth than a backup offense-first 3rd basemen who strikes out in almost half his at-bats, I just don't know what situation would Ozzie actually entrust Jeff Marquez in during the little time he's here.  Obviously nothing high-leverage, certainly not a spot-start, so it would seem like Marquez would be headed for the Honorary Jeff Gray 'I would never saddle these random innings of work in freezing rain in a game that doesn't matter on someone I actually cared about" Role.  I wonder how much he'll have to share it with Brian Bruney.

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  • What's to be done about the starter situation? It seems like it would be complete and certifiable insanity to demote Humber to the bullpen.

    Should we trade Danks, who will probably demand way too much money next year? Trade Jackson, who seems to do well for about 6 months and then begin blowing chunks? What??!?

  • In reply to MatthewWeflen:

    Well, Humber certainly not going to get booted when his ERA is under 3.00. The 6-man could persist for a while provided the person they want to kick out (Humber) doesn't cooperate and no one (Peavy, really) gets hurt.

    I don't see them trading Danks, really ever, unless the organizational focus becomes a lot more long-term. Otherwise they'll want him for the purpose of competing for the playoffs this year and next, and just accept the top-level draft compensation his departure in free agency would provide.

    Jackson is a slightly different case. The organizational view is again quite short-term so he'd have to prove particularly useless (or get hurt I guess) to make the haul they'd get worth losing a durable, high-endurance right-hander capable of starting.

    To try to be concise for once in my life, it would take catastrophe for the Sox to see themselves as sellers, especially rebuilding sellers, and starting pitching is extremely valuable. With Danks a sure-fire Type-A free agent and Jackson at least having a chance at being, they'd need someone to sweep them off their feet, and they'd probably wait till the deadline to let it happen.

    That said, we can't hit, and Jackson isn't coming back next yeah...something could happen.

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