Off Day, Off Day, Remember to Not Shoot Your Boss Day

Off Day, Off Day, Remember to Not Shoot Your Boss Day

Sit back, relax, and scratch it down // Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune

White Sox Observer always discourages violence in the workplace, but especially in the continuing cool-down from Wednesday's afternoon's three-reliever pileup on the Dan Ryan expressway.

It's OK to feel good again.  After all, you're a fan of a 7-5 baseball team, or you're sifting for information on a 7-5 baseball team, or considering trolling a blog for a 7-5 baseball team but realizing there aren't enough commentors to make it worth it for you.  Either way, 7-5.

Don't buy it?  Wweeeelll, would you be convinced by some optimistic words on the bullpen from:

Tupac Shakur!?!?!?

Alright, fine.  You can call 'shenanigans' on this one.  This song isn't reallly
about the White Sox bullpen.  What Tupac is really doing is trying to
encourage and promote mental fortitude in a population that's been
habitually abused while simultaneously imploring the abusing parties to
be more responsible.  But the parallels are there...they're there.


A cool story that is kind of old, but would have merited its own post if, you know, there wasn't actual baseball going on

Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated put together a piece documenting
the initial findings of a new type of tracking system that measures both
rotation speed on breaking balls (to account for movement and
resemblance to a fastball), and pitch velocity in terms of total
flight time.


"Seriously? I'm the only guy who thought of doing this? Hilarity!" // Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune

Whereas typical radar readings just give the speed at the release
point, this measure takes into account the location of the release point
itself.  Pitchers who extend out farther from the rubber are giving
themselves an advantage by reducing the amount of time the ball spends
in flight.

This is interesting enough in pure principle, but what's really of note is that Sergio
Santos and Gavin Floyd both ranked in the top 10 (of the pitchers they
tracked, which was exclusively in the AL) in the amount of extension they get.  Gavin
gets 6'8" worth of extension, making his 92 mph heater seem more like
93, while Sergio gets 6'10", which makes his 96 mph offering run like
it's 98.

This might seem like fuel for the 'Sergio for closer' fire, but really I just like Sergio Santos, think he's great, and am glad he's on our team.

What I'd really like to see if this data for Neal Cotts in 2005.  He was always a guy cited as having a 'jump' to his fastball, and there's gotta be some reason a lefty throwing 89 tossed over 60 innings of sub-2.00 ERA ball.

If you're not too busy loving up on Phil Humber, Jake Peavy seems to be progressing fine.

He made a Triple-A rehab start on Wednesday and got through 6 innings on
only 72 pitches, 55 of them for strikes.  He allowed two earned runs,
struck out four and walked none in a loss.  The results are hardly as
important as him building his endurance and moving along with his rehab
without pain, but it is amusing to note that Lucas Harrell relieved him
and promptly made a mess of the whole game.  Oh, our farm system.

He's got two more rehab starts scheduled where he will try to throw
100 pitches, and could be back for the end of April Baltimore series if
he doesn't have complications.  

That's a significant 'if', but it looks like
pretty soon the White Sox won't have to worry about their 5th
starter least not in terms of 'is he an MLB-quality pitcher?'


Looking ahead

Baseball is a game of intense variances throughout, so I've gotten
out of the business of extensive series previews...especially for series
of minimal importance.  The Sox face off against the Angels this
weekend, who ain't much of a hitting team without Kendry Morales, but it might seem irrelevant
seeing as they'll run Jared Weaver in the opener and Dan Haren in the

Both Haren and Weaver,
will stroll into U.S. Cellular still covered in the blood of their last
opponents.  They'll sandwich the 2nd career start of Tyler Chatwood,
who allowed 8 baserunners and 4 runs in his first feet-wetting.

The Sox will run Humber, Floyd, and Buehrle, who are all coming off
excellent starts, but yes, you figured that correctly; Phil Humber will
be facing off against Jared Weaver.  You're the man now, I mean 'Phil'. 

At least Dunn is healthy.


Links worth your time...ALL your time

J.J. analyzes the troubles with Matt Thornton, and thinks some cooler heads are needed.

Jim Margalus' take on the recent troubles is far more amusing.

U-God has an actual legit series preview for the Angels weekend tilt.  For my money, series previews with palpable vitriol for the opponent are always worth it.

Future Sox has season previews for the entire White Sox minor league system.  That's Charlotte, Birmingham, Winston-Salem, and Kannapolis.

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