Good night for the scrubs

Good night for the scrubs

Hold your breath // Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune

The White Sox lost 4-3 on Friday night.  It centered around a Brent Morel throwing error in the 4th that prompted a 4-run inning, and also featured Ozzie Guillen deciding to take the bat out of Gordon Beckham's hands during the team's last legit scoring chance in the bottom of the 8th, naturally to poor results.

Still, the Sox lost by only one run in a game where they started Phil Humber vs. Cy Young candidate Jared Weaver.  With all the outrages there are in the world (economy, gas prices, Rebecca Black), it's hard to get too worked up about this game.  All losses are equally bad, but somehow feel less bad when they begin as a fundamental mismatch...and occur in April.  More the April part than anything.

Of mild interest--milder than the most mild sauce available at an
Applebee's in central Nebraska--was that the Sox came within a run of
stealing a game where they pitched 8 innings of the game with Phil
Humber, Jeff Gray, and Will Ohman.  If the White Sox 25-man roster had a
power rankings, all these guys might be buried in the 20's...but
probably ahead of Thornton at the moment,


This picture is unrelated to anything and hilarious beyond everything // Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune

Phil Humber -
There was nothing eminently lovable about Humber's performance.  He
nibbled his way to 94 pitches in 5 innings, threw an effectively useless
change-up 26 times (12 of them were balls, and only one swing and
miss), and couldn't locate his curveball well enough to justify how much
he tried to use it for getting ahead in the count.  Also Maicer Itzuris
ate his lunch, and he nearly threw a HR to Bobby Abreu.

he's a 6th starter, and for a 6th starter to be able to mix around a
low-90s and a plus, albeit inconsistent, curve to the tune of 6 or so
quality innings against mediocre offenses is all that could be asked.
(I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt for the Morel error and the
rain delay simultaneously.  It's Phil Humber, for goodness sake, throw
the man a bone)

Jeff Gray - Keeping with the 'one hand
tied behind our backs' theme of the night, Ozzie brought out Gray after
the rain delay in the 6th.  For the most part, the 7th guy out of the
bullpen came out and threw decent heat (92.6 mph on his 4-seamer), and
threw strikes through 2 2/3 shutout innings.

Not recording a single groundball out in U.S. Cellular Field doesn't
reek of sustainability, but any time the back of the bullpen can come in
an save work for the big guys, it's pretty much all gravy.  Also, I
drive an SUV, so I can't claim to care about sustainability anyway.

Will Ohman - Ohman was brought in to face a single left-handed
batter, and struck him out.  This combination of effectiveness and
proper use of a LOOGY was the most thrilling moment of the night.

That and The Donkey.

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