White Sox choose pitching depth FTW

White Sox choose pitching depth FTW

"Sure James, I'd love to inspire 9-12 trivial blog posts about roster shuffling" // Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune

What's better than one iffy pitcher?

Two iffy pitchers to spell one another!

Jake Peavy very, very, very like DL-bound, the White Sox are heading
into the final week of Spring Training with three roster spots to decide
on.  This leaves them with the choice of refusing to decide between
Lastings Milledge and Brent Lillibridge and carrying waaaay too many
outfielders, or refusing to decide between Jeff Marquez and Philip
Humber and carrying a healthy surplus of pitchers.

Doug Padilla of ESPNChicago seems to think Kenny Williams tipped his hand:

Williams said there is a plan to carry 12 pitchers on the roster in the
event Peavy was not ready to start the season, which appears to be the
case now. Only 13 pitchers remain in big-league camp, including Peavy.
Humber and Marquez are among those remaining.

This, is a relief.  The final outfield spot may not be
the easiest decision in the world, but carrying Lastings Milledge, Mark
Teahen, and Brent Lillibridge all on the bench would have been some
egregious misuse of roster space.  It would be a stretch to give
Milledge enough time to be worth it given how many PAs Teahen has coming
(especially after his torrid Spring), but doing that while trying to
keep Lillibridge from getting frostbite in the dugout would be a pretty
tremendous hatdance.  Just decide to hire the professional pinch-runner
or take a flier on Long-Lastings pleasure already.  Jeez.

while I might have more confidence in Philip Humber as a temporary 5th
starter than most (as in; I have a sliver, most have none), if you are going
to have a journeyman 1st round bust whose been cut by multiple teams
with worse pitching staffs than yours, maybe having an extra arm around
to eat up some of the innings he doesn't make it through wouldn't be a
bad idea.  Jeffrey Marquez's track record is....well...the Nick Swisher
trade is considered a massive failure for a reason, and he's a part of
it.  However, he's gone K-krazy this Spring (13 strikeouts in 13.1
innings), so why not take this ride straight off the cliff with him?

If there was a strangely extra sardonic tone to this post, blame Comcast.
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