White Sox finish off deals with Danks, Quentin, and Pena in time for SoxFest


Suit up, John

As Jim Margalus was careful to point out the other day, players who aren't under contract, tend not to show up to team promotional events that probably aren't intrinsically enjoyable for them...like SoxFest.  With that almost certainly in mind, the Sox dished out contract offers to their arbitration eligible players on Tuesday.

Per the MO of the entire off-season, Kenny Williams & Co. got all three deals done in the same day.

Then again, these are arbitration deals, pretty much pre-determined based on service time, and benchmarks reached in stats we might not even care about.  Not a lot of wiggle room. Which is why criticizing the deals....might be kind of a waste of time.

John Danks received a $6 million contract.  It's only starting to
crossover into the territory where fans can start developing
stress-related ticks about re-signing Danks before the end of 2012. 
Danks doesn't think it's a big deal, and in the meantime, $6 million for
a pitcher of John Danks' quality is really excellent.  Should we ever
forget while watching this team of recycled veterans, what the benefit
of developing young talent internally is, this should help remind us.  It's cheap.

Carlos Quentin received $5.05 million, up from $3.2 million than 2010. 
Gradual pay raises seems like a bitter pill after a guy submits a -22.9
UZR year, but it's easier to deal with if you remember that he got paid
$400,00 for 2008.

Quentin Hair.jpg

You got rewarded for your good work 2 years after the fact, Carlos. I think I speak for the rest of the working population when I say, "Welcome, friend".

Tony Pena got upped to $1.6 million, a $400,00 raise from last season. 
For some reason, I keep thinking Pena has been pitching for the Sox for
the last 36 years, and him getting pre-free agency pay raises seems
odd.  Regardless, the rote, kneejerk response that seems to pulse from
Tribune comments sections is "How can I guy get a raise after a 5.10
ERA?"  Other than that it's mandated, a relief pitcher who can log 100
IP by filling in every disastrous situation you would never waste a
reliever you actually care about in, and be semi-competent, is worth
$1.6 million....I feel.

Finally, the Sox added former 1st round pick Phil Humber off waivers.  I
say former 1st round pick, because Humber's career has gone the way
where that's still his top credential, but with Brian Bruney, Josh
Kinney, and Shane Lindsay, all the cheap as dirt, broken projects
the Sox have taken fliers on may well constitute a legitimate
acquisition by the end of the year. 

For a team spending more than ever before, saving money by filling out the bullpen through inexpensive arms that Don Cooper can fix is a shrewd strategy.

I assert that these are all good developments.

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