Waldis Joaquin tells White Sox that the wedding is cancelled

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This heart....is NOT on fire

Per Scott Merkin of White Sox.com

The only splash the White Sox have made in the off-season thus far--even if it's the equivalent of dropping a toenail into the bathtub, it's a splash--appears to have been undone.

Waldis Joaquin, he of the fastball in the high-90s and the ERA in the high 9.00s, who was so well-thought of in the Giants organization that they put him on waivers, was plucked by the White Sox in what seemed to be a fairly cagey move.  It wasn't quite nabbing Rafael Soriano, but with the organization's reputation for fixing wild arms, it certainly ranked above the Todd Ritchie trade.

But nnooooooo!  Waldis probably has to have a hell of a spring training to make someone's big league roster to start next season, but he will be no man's waiver claim.  Joaquin rejected the claim, and filed for free agency, where he will seek to get something more than the league minimum the Sox were going to be obligated to pay.

With his arm, maybe Joaquin will wind up in a better contract situation somewhere, but as a young pitcher needing help with control, it's tough to see why he decided to pass on working with Don Cooper.

Rue the day, my dear Waldis, you shall rue the day.

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