Why the hell would Ozzie Guillen want to go to Florida?

Why the hell would Ozzie Guillen want to go to Florida?

I get it, I'd have some job dissatisfaction too if I generally won more games than the other team in town with a smaller budget, and my roster was determined by a crazy person.  And I understand that he has a house there...but Florida?  Guillen is considering leaving the White Sox for the Florida Marlins????

I didn't give the Florida rumors much credence when they initially cropped up, seeing as they were also pieces by reliable team beat writers that stated directly to the contrary, but now that professional rumor artist Ken Rosenthal has picked it up, it seems perfectly viable that Ozzie is toying with the notion of the Marlins at least as an alternative if his ploy for more job security blows up in some awful fight where Williams knocks all his teeth out while Reinsdorf pleads for them to reconsider things through his tears.

If Ozzie's really fed up with Williams' grandstanding, second-guessing
his decisions, and trading for Mark Teahen, he'd probably would be wise
to remember how good he has it in some ways...or better stated, how
not-awful he has it in some ways.

The Marlins represent the polar opposite of the White Sox in a lot of ways (tons of young talent, rock-bottom payroll), but are in a similarly perilous situation.  Whereas the Sox face the grim prospect of having to battle against a franchise that will spend just as much as them but are run twice as intelligently, the Marlins have to go up against teams in Atlanta and Philadelphia that are run just as well, but are prepared to regularly spend twice (or in the case of Philly, thrice) as much as them.  The Mets also outspend the bejeesus out of Florida, but are run by morons (nothing says "Fire your GM" like $65 million for old and injured Johan Santana, old and injured Carlos Beltran, family values aficionado Francisco Rodriguez, and Oliver Perez).  Is now a good time to mention that the Mets have also been mentioned as a possible destination?


Oliver has the good sense to know that if you're getting paid $12 million to suck, you should at least look like you're broken up about it

With Hanley Ramirez, Josh Johnson, and Mike Stanton, the Marlins have plenty of young talent, but the $47 million they had on the books on opening day this year represents their biggest payroll since 2005.  With half the team due arbitration raises next season, and the new stadium still another season away, they're likely to try to keep the payroll where it is...no matter what it takes.  Even when the Florida Marlins become the Miami Marlins, they'll still be banking on a Target Field-like increase in revenue in order to build a winner, and that depends on the residents of Florida no longer being super-apathetic about their sports teams.

Also, it'd be interesting to see how a guy who asked for Freddy Garcia, A.J. Pierzynski, and Paul Konerko back--three guys who try hard in the face of declining physical ability--would interact with Hanley Ramirez

And that's just the thing; this doesn't fit, or at least not nearly as well as Ozzie works as a local institution on the South Side.  This seems more like a demonstration that Guillen is a hot commodity; in case the White Sox forgot that competent managers who have name recognition, and are personable with the press aren't that common.

As a Notre Dame fan who went through the Weis years, I'm the last guy who thinks coaches/managers should be granted extensions without significant cause, and no 90-win seasons in 4 years is not significant cause, but holding onto a guy against a team that can't outspend you, isn't better-suited to win, and won't bring more notoriety shouldn't be very hard. 

I mean what possible motivation could...


Wha?  What the hell is this??!  Baseball teams have cheerleaders???  And they don't wear pants?!?!?!?  How is the Chevy Pride Crew supposed to compete with this?  Some of these girls have more abs than the Sox entire bullpen combined!  I swear, Florida is just dumb.

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