White Sox Live Game Blog TONIGHT!

White Sox Live Game Blog TONIGHT!


It's the last live game blog of the year for White Sox Observer, and it couldn't come at a less interesting time.  The White Sox have lost a whopping 7 in a row, and are only 5 games closer to 1st place than the Cubs, and the A's....well....it's always unclear whether management cares more about being 'good' than being 'surprisingly not bad'.  In both cases, these teams are going nowhere, nowhere, and I mean Nooooooowhhhhheeeeeerrrrreee!

But that doesn't mean we can't have fun.  The game is late, the stands are empty, and Hawk Harrelson should say at least 7-12 weird and unsettling things.  So join the White Sox Observer as I mock things as they happen, and get reaaaaalllly pissy and pithy.

White Sox-A's.  9 PM.  ChicagoNow.com.  We don't stop until we get a C&D letter.

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