White Sox Interested in Manny Ramirez?--Why Not?


The White Sox have their share of possible clubhouse cancers (a lot of candidates but I'm mostly referring to Jenks), and they have their share of injury-prone disappointments (a lot of candidates but I'm mostly referring to Jenks), so it's not as though the addition of the mercurial, heinously un-self-aware Manny Ramirez would exactly represent a culture change as much as it would just be another drop in the sizeable weirdo bucket that is the Chicago White Sox.

Ozzie says he could manage Manny; which sounds a lot more impressive until you realize that that would involve little more than writing his name in the lineup, ignoring his antics, and making sure he doesn't wander onto the field and challenge Carlos Quentin into an Awful Defense Battle Royale.

Manny doesn't fill the need of the left-handed bat that has consumed the entire season up until this point; but neither does Mark Kotsay or anyone else on the roster.

Teahen is already serving better in the role of left-handed utility man, and Manny's splits this year actually place him as being more effective against right-handers than lefties.

He can't provide any defensive help, and shouldn't play anything besides DH, but at this point I've given up on the possibility of Ozzie realizing that Carlos Quentin is possibly the worst defensive player in the league.

So what are the risks? Manny's contract is done after this season, so there's no investment to worry about. There's only a month of the season left for Manny to piss off hard-working players with his lazy aloof nature.

And finally, if the Dodgers really do place Manny Ramirez on waivers, there'll be absolutely no talent sacrificed for him; just like the Rios deal.

For me, the only reservation with the season still in grave condition and the offense still not good enough to impress any team that isn't the Seattle Mariners, is that Manny would be the first prominent player associated with PEDs to be with the team since Jose Canseco offered the last 76 games of his career in a meaningless 2001 season.

With some strides in testing, and even that intriguing article that steroids don't really help you do anything floating around, it's doubtful that any achievements the White Sox make will be seen as misbegotten, but the naïve part of me hopes that whether or not their reputation will be sullied by a player best described as "amoral due to disinterest in morality" is at least something the White Sox would contemplate for a little while.

Chances are they don't give a crap. Manny posted an OPS just shy of .900 in limited time this year, kills righties, and could be available for nothing if he's waived. That's probably all that should matter. Hell if I can figure out why the Dodgers want to waive him.

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