White Sox interested in Edwin Jackson - What? Was Todd Ritchie unavailable?


Edwin Jackson, Dontrelle Willis, and Dan Haren in the same photo; what the hell is going on in Arizona?

Things just seem to jump in the way of me getting to write the snarky, jerkish pieces I really want to write.  For example, I had aspirations of writing an extremely mocking article about how sad it is that the White Sox won't play the Mariners again after the all-pitching, no-offense wonders gave up a run-per-inning for a 4-game stretch.  But no, nnnnnoooooooo!  Maybe Twitter isn't such a good thing after all if it's going to tell me things like "White Sox thinking of trading Hudson and another pitching prospect for Edwin Jackson". 

First of all, we have another pitching prospect?!!?  Who is he?!?  No way in hell it could be Chris Sale, and even a team that dealt Dan Haren for Joe Saunders and Torii Hunter's beard trimmings wouldn't trade for Jeff Marquez.  Did we convince someone that Randy Williams is a mature-looking 19 years-old?  I'm confused.

Secondly, Edwin Jackson?!!??!  He of the least impressive no-hitter of all time?  He of the no quality starts in his five outings since the no-hitter?  He of the 4 teams in 6 years?  He of the 1.50 WHIP on the season?  He of the 1.51 WHIP for his career?!?!!?

Jackson has a big arm, and pretty good slider, and these were the reasons he was a top prospect in the Dodgers organization in his very early 20s.  Now Edwin is 26, still prime, but far removed from his days of promise because of walks.  Tons of walks.  60 in 134.1 innings.  4 per 9 innings.  Even if opponents weren't hitting .274 against him, and his BABIP came down from .314, Jackson would be fatally flawed by the free passes he doles out every start.  He's had two walkless starts this season, and his last one happened two months ago.

Maybe I'd be less peeved about going after Jackson and hoping that his talent and stuff could overcome his walks if it wasn't the exact same thing we're currently doing with Dan Hudson!!!!

Jackson seemed to have finally put it all together during the first half of 2009 before regressing a bit after the All-Star break, but has really just lost it in the control department this season.  He might even surpass 100 walks this year if gets enough innings, and his walk rate is the highest it's been since '07 when he lost 15 games and posted a 5.76 ERA.  His no-hitter and 1.9 WAR for the season, combined with the fact that he's only 26 and signed for next year, certainly makes him a curiosity.   But with his recent struggles--wait, that seems too soft--his recent terribles, makes overpaying for Jackson with Hudson and Mystery Pitching Prospect #2 seems like something to regret for a while.

And when I'm cold, disgruntled, and sipping heavily from a hip flask full of Beefeater next April while Edwin Jackson (still under contract!) is in the middle of walking 7 Cleveland batters through 5 innings, maybe I'll be in the position to makes us all regret this.

God help us. 


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