Carlos Quentin - Too crazy to DH?


Finally, a story worthy of this picture

Every time I get too far in thinking that Ozzie is kinda off in his own world and doesn't base his decisions in a type of measurable rationality (it usually happens after I watch an interview of him), he goes and makes the completely correct choice, like his call to keep Omar Vizquel at 3rd, and often reveals tidbits that explain why he was so hesitant in the first place.

For the Omar decision, I assume he was just a little worried that Vizquel's pro career is older than Chris Sale, but as for why he keeps Carlos Quentin in right field (CQ let a catchable ball go for a double Friday night, giving Oakland their only run) despite the fact that he's pretty terrible at defense and gets hurt so much that it seems like he places tacks in the grass before game time and spends the night trying to dive onto them, Ozzie's explanation was a little more nuanced.  Nuanced, and hilarious.

per Eric Gilmore of

Guillen said in an effort to keep the ultra-intense Quentin healthy, he'll occasionally have him DH.

"He will DH this weekend, maybe Saturday, tomorrow, or Sunday. Ideally
both," Guillen said. "But in the meanwhile, we're going to see how we
do. DH is not easy. This guy when he's DHing, he looks like a bull
before he goes to the ring. He's so anxious.

"This guy never stops swinging. Every time he DHs, I wear him down."

Carlos Quentin being super-intense has never been a secret, and there's a pretty good espn article to explain all that, but there was also a Sun-Times article that I sweat to God exists, I just can't find it and link to it right now, that explained that CQ was mellowing out, and actually talking to his teammates during spring training.  Naturally upon reading it I panicked, thinking that marital bliss had sent Carlos into some glad-handing hell of placid contentedness and mediocre slugging percentages; basically the first half of "Major League II" where Pedro Cerrano is terrible and no on can get him fired up.  Carlos confirmed my fears by struggling as bad as I can ever recall for someone not named Ron Karkovice for the first few months.

But apparently those concerns are over, as Carlos has gone back to being the obsessive-compulsive hyper-driven nutcase who almost won AL MVP in '08, and was depicted in amusing commercials last season...the ones that are far better than the commercials this season.  However, what if this incredible level of energy really means that Carlos is ill-suited to spend the game becoming a nervous wreck in the dugout awaiting his next at-bat?  What if he actually spends defensive innings shaking out ants from his pants into the outfield grass?  What if he really needs to be 'in the rhythm' of the game and all that BS?  What if he needs to be placed in a far off part of the field by himself every fifteen minutes or so or he'll drive the whole team nuts?

He hits fine as a DH for his career (.823 OPS in 25 games, better than his career OPS in RF), and has done fine this season (.863 OPS in 16 games as DH, compared to .846 in RF).  Ultimately Carlos' twitchiness is what sports psychologists, in-house masseuses, and the option of telling him to go back to the friggin clubhouse to practice his swing is for.  Besides, I like the idea of our DH being a mad bull, a lot more than I like it being Mark Kotsay.

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