Ben Sheets as a trade option for the White Sox

In the big starting pitching trade piece I wrote Wednesday night, I noticeably forgot to include Ben Sheets.  Unlike with some of the terrible pitching options out there; Edwin Jackson, Paul Maholm, Jeremy Guthrie, and Brian Bannister, I always intended to include Sheets...I just forgot about him.

That's probably not a good sign.

But still, there's no reason not to give Sheets his due diligence.

Ben Sheets - Oakland Athletics - 4-8, 4.63 ERA, 1.39 WHIP, 6.55 K/9 IP

Would they? - Yes, but not frivolously.  For as much faux-excitement the
A's displayed when they initially locked up Sheets for all of one year for $10
million, they were clearly hedging their bets.  If the A's randomly
caught fire (along with the rest of that city), they'd have a proven
rotation starter, and if they didn't, they'd have a prime trading chip. 
With Ben not exactly setting the world on fire, it's unlikely Oakland
is about to commit more money to his reclamation project.  They will
trade him....somewhere.

Would we? - Price-wise, Ben Sheets fits a little bit more comfortably
into the White Sox range in terms of cost; which is great because the
Pale Hose farm system is a wasteland.  Apparently there's not a hitter
to be found below Triple-A, and 1st-round pick Chris Sale has already been promoted to the Knights despite only being drafted last month.


Sheets back in more limber and potent years

  When I was 15 and
playing High Heat Baseball on GM mode, I once traded prospects so
recklessly that 10 seasons in, my Single-A roster only had 11
players....somehow I think the Sox are closer to this reality than we
would all hope.  Still, Sheets isn't really their kind of guy.  He's not
durable, not under contract long, and has no postseason experience. 
The Sox are very big on reclamation projects (even if lost velocity tends to be
difficult to fix), but probably not for a mid-season trade to stay in

Wow, that was unexciting...maybe a considering a few more possibilities will be worth it

I'm warning you now, this next option is the last one that doesn't totally suck in some obvious way.....actually this one does too.

Brett Myers - Houston Astros - 6-6, 3.41 ERA, 1.31 WHIP, 6.60 K/9 IP

Would they? - Surrrrrreeeeeee.  Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross was less into selling than the Astros are right now.  With their organization the way it is, even the modest contract of Brett Myers ($3.1 M) is worth dumping for something.  Now, we just have to convince the 'Stros that Jordan Danks is something.

Would we? - Certainly in the cheaper and less risky stratosphere, Myers also has one of the lowest ceilings.  He's thrown 200 innings only once in his career, has been hampered consistently by injuries, and probably should have never stopped being a closer.  He's having a good season, but the Sox would be getting a 5th starter, and not much more.  On the plus side, he once convinced one of his teammates in Philadelphia that he had been traded to Japan...which is awesome.  On the other hand, he was once arrested for punching his wife...which is the opposite of awesome.

hit mitt not wife.jpg

Myers is still a favorite amongst the more morally ambivalent members of the Philadelphia fan base

Livan Hernandez - Washington Nationals - 6-5, 3.37 ERA, 1.28 WHIP, 4.51 K/9 IP

Would they? - Uh...I guess.  One of those trades that borders heavily on being "completely pointless".  Sure, the Nationals are going nowhere, and have no incentive to give the 35 year-old major innings down the stretch, but where's their motivation?  It's not like the Nats are dying to clear 900K from their books, but they probably weren't thinking they'd get a boatload of prospects from having Livan on the roster.  One of those times where the GM will respond to trade inquiries by saying "I thought you'd never ask!" without a hint of irony.

Would we? - Goodness, did Kenny Williams have some ferociously awful night on the riverboat?  I know he loves taking regrettable gambles on veterans, but what really makes Livan different than starting Tony Pena or D.J. Carrasco for the rest of the season?  He hasn't been a strikeout threat since Eric Gregg died, and has been just under 5.00 for ERA since June started.  That said, if he became the 5th starter because the Sox swung him as a throw-in with Adam Dunn, it might make a little more sense.  So long as it wasn't Adam Dunn and Livan Hernandez in exchange for the 2010 Charlotte Knights.

Jarrod Washburn - Frrrreeeeeeeeee Agent

Can the best trade be the one you don't make?  Washburn is only 35 and was pretty darn good (1.07 WHIP) in 20 starts for Seattle last season before he got dealt to Detroit, and personally saw to it that the Tigers blow their divisional lead.  The thing about this option is that it's not going anywhere, so why bother doing it now?

Pedro Martinez
- Some things are more important than baseball.  The result of Pedro Martinez and Ozzie Guillen; talking, interacting, and existing together in close quarters is one of them.

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