Alien Fetus--previously thought limited to his chest cavity--has now taken control of Kenny Williams' brain

Call me paranoid, but I get suspicious when people say things antithetical to everything they've ever done in life.  For example, Cubbie Julie is a nice enough person and all, but if she started reading and commenting on all my White Sox blog posts, saying that Paul Konerko belongs in the Hall of Fame, and writing that everyone should appreciate A.J. Pierzynski as a hard-nosed competitor, I'd be pretty damn sure she was trying to murder me.  I'd spend the rest of my life holed up in my room with my Jamaican grandfather's machete, and the the White Sox bat I received at bat day (hard to believe they used to have those) 15 years ago before I ever let her get the drop on me in WGN studios.

So when Kenny Williams--Trader Kenny, Wild-Man Ken, Psycho Ken Doll, the man who once traded for washed up Robbie Alomar at the deadline two years in a row--drops a quote like the one below, pardon me if I spend the rest of the night digging out a bomb shelter in backyard and ordering a metric ton of canned corned beef hash online.

per Scott Merkin of you know, the White Sox site:

"If I'm being honest and completely transparent right now of the price
that is being asked for some of the players that we've inquired about,
for us, it's more detrimental to our present and our future than we'd
like," said Williams, speaking in the White Sox dugout prior to Monday's
contest at Safeco Field. "We'll see how that develops. But right now, I
don't see anything materializing."

This man once sent Jon Rauch and Frank Francisco out for Carl Everett....on separate occasions!    He once wanted Scott Podsednik so much he sent Carlos Lee, a man who had posted three-straight seasons of .830-plus OPS and was entering the prime of his career to Milwaukee.   He once traded real-live human beings for Javier Vazquez!  Since when is price an issue?!?!  The man traded our 5th starter Clayton Richard and top pitching prospect Aaron Poreda for injured Jake Peavy.  He's concerned about the present AND the future now?

Let's admit what's really going's one of two things, and they're interrelated.

1. Everyone's asking for Gordon Beckham

Kenny likes Gordon Beckham, one might say he loves Gordon Beckham.  He is not going to trade Gordon Beckham.  But because there's not really any other stud player in his early 20's with a cheap contract and worlds of unrealized potential in the organization, the rumors have been that in exchange for players like Prince Fielder, Adam Dunn, Dan Haren, etc, teams have been demanding Gordon Beckham, and that's not going to fly.  As much as we all might like Brent Lillibridge, it pales in comparison to the investment that the team has in Beckham.  I just wish Kenny had said something more honest and less sea-changing like "You know I love to trade, and I'm so itchy to make a deal right now I just traded everyone on my fantasy team for Roy Oswalt  just to simulate the feeling.  But every team is asking for Beckham, and I'm not going to trade Beckham.  We're keeping Beckham.  I like Beckham.  Mmmm, good Beckham." 

2. He's seen rock bottom

Holy crap we're out of prospects, and Kenny has finally seen it.  Perhaps he actually went to a Birmingham Barons games the other day, saw that the whole team was Kevin Costner's character in Bull Durham, realized that he had finally gutted the farm system to the point of no return, and that he needs to chill out for a few years.  I was kinda excited to see what would happen when Kenny just never stopped trading, and the organization got to the point where they didn't have any Single-A teams anymore, but I guess this is a good thing too.  We have a sane GM.  Who knew?

Oh, and I'll be Live-Gaming the Sox-Mariners game Tuesday night

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