Omar Vizquel is Playing a Lot

When Mark Teahen broke the finger that he presumably uses to Twitter as his dog, Jayson Nix probably thought an ocean of playing time was awaiting him.  Hell, even Brent Lillibridge likely had aims of seeing almost 10 starts during the 6 weeks that Mark Teahen is on the shelf for breaking a finger on his glove hand.  Now, I think the 'Bridge (can his nickname be Queensbridge?  Can this be a thing?  I think it is) should be used as sparingly as possible, probably only as a pinch-runner, but that doesn't make Vizquel playing 7 out of the last 9 games any less striking.


Queensbridge! Represent!

Vizquel's recent hitting uptick of the past week (.294 BA, .734 OPS in the past 5 games) was encouraging, but only raised his season OPS to .587.  More glaring than the fact that Vizquel is too old, and was never a great hitter, is that he's hit 1 HR in the last three seasons including this one.  Jayson Nix, the guy who hit 12 HRs in only 255 ABs last season (that means he'd hit around 25 if he'd have been a full-time player), would seem to be the antidote to such light-hitting, but he's doomed himself by having just about the worst year ever.  Going 5-35 with one extra base hit is generally not a good way to earn a starting spot.  Still, Jayson is only 27, was a former first-round pick, and I genuinely thought the White Sox would be more interested in how good Nix could be over finding out what the hell Vizquel has left.

They probably are, but at this point the party line will remain that the team is gunning for the division title up until the moment that the fire sale begins.  As such, Omar starts on the principle of riding the comparatively hot bat.  Nix would be served well to clock a few more pinch hit grand slams rather than wait to be part of a package deal to a contender.  That or poison Omar's oatmeal.

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