Oh, You Should Have Listened to My Radio Appearance

If you HAD listened to my radio appearance on WGN AM 720, you probably wouldn't have bothered to click on this link.  I take your presence on this page as an admission of guilt, and I judge you...harshly.

But all is not lost.  In fact, absolutely nothing is lost.  Because you can listen to the whole thing here.  By clicking the word 'here', but not this 'here', the 'here' that looks different from all the other 'here's because it's a different color.  Click on it!  Do it. 

It was a pretty ok appearance, it would probably be more exciting if all the Cubs people around me weren't being so friendly, making me tempted to be cordial in return.  My only objection is that at one point host Alex Quigley implied that we were all 30-ish when I'm 23 and am often confused for being 17 in person.  It was shocking, alarming, baffling, but mostly, just amusing.

Also, I wish there was a way I could put what Alex's face looked like when I said "Ross Gload sounds like something malignant they find in your colon" on the internet.  Priceless.  If I don't get invited back, I know exactly why.

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  • I just listened to the podcast. You were good, bro. Much better than overcaffeined Cubs girl with the Jimmy Johns voice. Didn't like how the host dissed your "just win" final analysis. You should have used your quick wit to respond with something like "You should shutup because you're just a losing loser fan of a losing team that loses." Try that when if they have you on next.

  • In reply to twoputtstu:

    Thanks for the support. Julie actually laid off the coffee that morning while I indulged, so that should give you a good idea of the difference between the two of us. It seems everyone who listened is in agreement that I need to be more hostile. Maybe next time if the Sox aren't on a 10-game winning streak the day I stroll in I'll be in a more aggressive mood. If the radio spot had taken place Sunday afternoon after I sat in the upper deck, watched Danks have his first bad start in a month, and listened to fat drunk north-siders fans trying to sing "Go Cubs Go" for three hours, I would probably have come out with guns blazing.

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