Jason Nix Claimed By Cleveland - Cleveland Reacts With Horror

I like Jayson Nix...well, sort of.  He hit for good power back in the day (last year), and always seemed to be trying hard.  Obvious displays of effort are a good thing to have if you want to endear yourself to fans while flailing helplessly because you're a natural 2nd basemen who's been jammed into Right Field because Andruw Jones, Mark Kotsay, and Carlos Quentin all somehow managed to get into Ozzie Guillen's doghouse simultaneously one night in New York.  And by God, did Jayson ever look like he was trying.  He also looked legitimately sad when he lost that game vs. the Angels by chucking the ball into right field.  I am happy for him that he found a new major league team, especially one where he could see some legit PT.

That said, this is not what Cleve-town's tortured fan base needed.  Already filled with serious doubts over whether their team's management is interested in developing a winner, and whether they would even know how to do so if they were, picking up some guy the 3rd place team in the same division just waived because he was hitting .163 and had gotten 4 of his 5 RBI on the year with one swing could be enough to trigger rioting of 10-cent beer night proportions.  With unabashed failure Luis Valbuena having outworn his welcome at 2nd for the Tribe, apparently the Indians don't have anyone in the farm system they wouldn't rather drink battery acid than activate to the big league club.  Nix will compete with Anderson Hernandez for playing time.  Hernandez is also 27 years old, also was claimed off waivers this month, and is playing out of position.  On the plus side for Cleveland, I think Craig Ferguson is pretty funny, and he used to be on the Drew Carey show, which was set in Cleveland, and that kinda....is....um......well.........uh....

The Cleveland fan base to their credit, are reacting like citizens of Elkhart who just got informed that their unemployment benefits are being cut.  Here are some real comments to the article in Cleveland Plain Dealer:

"So we pick up a guy hitting .163 to replace the guy already here hitting
.163. This is a freaking circus."

"Shappy ~ [Nickname for The Cleveland GM]

Speechless......are you making these absurd moves on purpose? Do you
secretly hate Cleveland and the legions of Tribe fans (who are quickly
becoming ex-fans)? Are you angling for the first or second pick in next
year's draft? Considering an offer to move the team to Honolulu? Trying
to make your ol' bud Wedge look 'good' by comparison for a new job in
the bigs?
Jayson Nix.....? JAYSON NIX???????????????????????????? You kidding

"Appropriate -- the official "ix-Nay on the eason-say"

And what would a comment page without someone either bitterly sarcastic or just simply deranged from prolonged misery:

"just the move to put this team over the top!

I have a more complicated theory on this move.

Cleveland is essentially trading LeBron James for Jayson Nix.  Realizing the decent likelihood that LeBron will sign with the Bulls, stealing from Cleveland their marquee athlete and public figure, a man whose talent and fame elevate the city to an otherwise unattainable level of notoriety, Cleveland has set out to do the same to Chicago in return.  And they have picked Jayson Nix to do so because they have really, really bad scouting.

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