It's About To Get Real for White Sox

It almost seems like bad manners to bring this up right now, but the four teams that the White Sox just reeled 10 wins in 12 games against are 126-151 combined, and that's with the suddenly hot Tigers included and the moribund Cleveland Indians left out.   The White Sox caught fire and saved their season (and depending on your opinion on the team's roster down the road; possibly ruined their next five) at the last possible moment before it seemed things were going to implode.  Trade talks were swirling everywhere, attendance was plummeting and the GM and Manager were reported to be arguing, possibly over whose career statistics are more underwhelming.

But it seems that the White Sox may have also picked the last time in their
schedule possible to really put on a run without much difficulty.  It's
not like the White Sox are going to go through murderer's row from here
on out; they play in the AL Central, and something like that is never really
going to happen.  Not with all the games left against the Indians and
Royals left on the schedule.  But the team just wrapped up their
third-straight series against a losing team, and they won't have a
stretch like that until....well...they have another one next month where
they play 13 games against the A's and Mariners straight...but my
point is
, there are a lot of legitimate games in between then and
now.  The White Sox play three division-leading teams in the next month,
and also have that whole thing with the Cubs where they play for city
bragging rights and the losing manager has to appear in BP publicity
commercials or something like that.


Am I the only one who thinks these ads would be made better by Lou Piniella?

In any case, it all begins with the Braves this week, a team with better
hitting, better pitching, better young players, more hope, warmer
weather, a better feeling about where their team is headed, and the
sense to bench their wildly
under-performing outfielder
, no matter how much money they've sank
into him.  Actually, they're still giving regular time to Melky Cabrera,
so I shouldn't give them too much credit.

Needless to say, the White Sox play enough quality teams in the next
month or so to make this past fortnight's burst of good will real
irrelevant.  No one will remember Jake Peavy's complete-game shutout or
how the team managed to only get mildly dominated by Stephen Strasburg
if the starting pitching regresses and they get waylaid (along with
poleaxed, this is my favorite word to refer to blowouts with) by
Atlanta, Texas, LA of Anaheim (still a stupid name all these years
later), and Minnesota in rapid succession, prompting firings, executive
infighting, Alex Rios giving Andruw Jones the death stare for 45 minutes
after he strikes out on three pitches to end a 9th inning rally, and a
controversial trade where Carlos Quentin is dealt to the Mariners in
exchange for "Peace of Mind". 

Not to put any pressure on John Danks Tuesday night, but the team just needs to keep racing ahead so there's no time to focus on all the crippling problems.

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