Dayan Viciedo Promoted/Jayson Nix Demoted/Moon Explodes/Film at 11!!!!!


In a move that's initially shocking but becomes extremely reasonable upon second glance, the White Sox have promoted slugger-in-training Dayan Viciedo and demoted Jayson Nix. 

Who knows what the hell prompted this move to happen now, maybe Ozzie checked the team batting stats for the first time all season, and spit out his post-game vodka tonic all over his computer.  Nix is hitting .162, but if that was really bothering the big-wigs so much, you wonder why they didn't demote him when he was as low as .140, or why they never considered giving Brent Lillibridge more than 3 at bats.  In either case, Nix is gone, and is reported to be looking to catch on with another pro team, and who can blame him?  He's 27, is behind a lot of younger players, and going back to the minors in this organization is not the ticket to happiness for him.  He's got big power, hopefully he can find a change of scenery and carve out some nice years for himself somewhere.  (Psst! Psst!  Jayson! Go to Seattle!  If you hit two HRs in a week there they might name portions of the stadium after you). 

Anyone who's been reading too much about the Sox in the past two years has been excited about Viciedo for a while, and was initially excited about him projecting as the power-hitting third baseman of the future.  However, I was very much under the notion that Viciedo was not a gifted defender at all (let's just say he's built more like Frank Thomas than Robin Ventura), and was being shifted over to first base to eventually replace Paul Konerko.  This is reflected by the fact that Dayan has played 51 games at 1st base in Triple-A this year and only 9 at 3rd, after playing 114 games at 3rd base the year before in Double-A.

Yet, the report is that Viciedo is up to fill some time at 3rd while Mark Teahen remains on the shelf with an injured finger.  The defense is set to get....well....I'm trying to be positive about this....the defense will get...not better.  BUT!  If Viciedo comes up and magically rakes like crazy, the White Sox DH situation is wide open, and he could definitely stick around.  Viciedo turned 21 in March, so this is bound to seem premature.  But at least the Sox are hastily promoting a minor while things are going good, as opposed to yanking him up in a knee jerk reaction to a losing streak, placing the burden of turning around a whole season on his shoulders.

Oh, and apparently Viciedo won't play Friday, soooo...bummer.

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