Typical - Sox Lose 8-5


Only this year's version of the Chicago White Sox could follow up their most impressive effort of the season with the utter dud that was Saturday night's game.  This loss was the 12th time the White Sox have failed to win consecutive games in their last 13 attempts.  This type of maddening inconsistency becomes all the more frustrating after the "This is the way we've wanted to play all season" talk that accompanied Friday night's game.

In many ways, approximately 8 ways, the Sox were doomed by a poor start from John Danks, which was his first of the season.  He got touched up for big hits in big situations, failing to skirt out of rallies with his guile as he had been doing his past few starts, and allowed 8 runs.  Which is a lot.  While Danks has not been beat up at any point in this season up until now, he hasn't really been on top of his game for a month, and it wasn't hard to believe that this night was coming.  Danks is definitely no longer on his hot streak, which is troubling considering Buehrle, Floyd, and Peavy have been about as reliable as that big cover BP is using on the oil spill. 

I apologize if the White Sox season continually reminds me of the oil spill.

It seems like a shame that the Sox wasted a night where Quentin and Ramirez showed signs of life, and even hinted at earning their salaries.  Ramirez reached base three times, and homered, while Quentin had two hits and homered.  As encouraging as they were, any time the top 3 hitters in your batting order go 0-12, you're usually going to struggle.  Suffice it to say that Juan Pierre's hot streak is very over, and he's returned to being a bad, bad, leadoff man.

Now it's up to Jake and the Fat Man to earn the series split he huffed and puffed about earlier this week.  He's given up 6 runs in each of his past two starts, and I have as much confidence in him as I have in Mark McGwire as a hitting coach.

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