A Very Special Night - White Sox Defeat Rays 4-2

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I have long believed that even following the season of a team that went 59-103, would contain  at least 59 nights in the season that were absolutely awesome.  There'd be at least 59 nights where the flaws of the team would be a little less glaring, and players who couldn't be relied on to produce on a regular basis, would just happen to come through on that day.
Thankfully it seems that the White Sox are headed toward a few more than 59 wins this season, but after a game where backup catcher Ramon Castro hit a line drive home run that may not have ever gotten 15 feet off the ground, Gordon Beckham briefly snapped out of his disastrous season to hit a 2-out RBI single for an insurance run, and the Sox received a vintage dominating effort from Freddy Garcia to beat the best team in all of baseball, I think it would behoove all Sox fans to be very, very grateful for last night.

Now, let's not ruin this night by talking about tomorrow, who's pitching, Gordon Beckham and Ramon Castro's season averages, Freddy Garcia's subscription to AARP magazine, or anything like that....let's just enjoy the night, be here now, bask in this glorious, inexplicable, unrepeatable victory over the best team in baseball.  Don't think about the Sox blowing another John Danks start, or the fact that the last time the Sox faced Saturday starter Wade Davis, they lost 12-0.  Let's never let go of this win!  Did anyone record it??  Let's watch it again, cover all the windows, play the recording in the loop, and demand to anyone that asks that it is still Friday, May 28th!  We will never move on from this obscure, offense-deprived, probably-only-entertaining-to-watch-if-you're-hammered game ever!  It will always be Friday night, if we can just keep it here, save it, in our hearts, never let go, never, never, never, never aaaaahhhhh saaaave tonight, fight the break of dawn.  Coooooooome tomorrow, tomorrow I'll be-------dammit.

It's Saturday, isn't it?
Sigh....deep sigh.....deepest of sighs.
Well, now that our one night stand with greatness is over and all that remains of our salacious lover from last night are bits of tobacco from his hand-rolled cigarettes, the stink of pachouli, and a little bit of drool on the pillowcase, how can we comfort ourselves as we make the proverbial walk of shame to Saturday's affair with the still very, very friggin good Rays?  
Let's accept a few things that are just absolutely, unquestionably, not happening again.  
Ramon Castro is not homering Saturday, or even the rest of this weekend.  I would bet the farm that he isn't even playing at any point the rest of this weekend.  It should not be forgotten that Castro went 1 for 4.  He is still an absolutely abysmal contact hitter, who strikes out and hits into double plays as naturally as you or I wear pants.  But hey, we should be grateful that management made the astute decision to give a roster spot to someone who can hit a home run every once in a while and do nothing else, instead of some guy who posted an OPS over 1.000.
That's right, I'm already bringing up Donny Lucy, the good feelings from last night are officially over.
Gordon Beckham is not out of his slump.  Sure, coming up with a clutch 2-out RBI hit may be indicative of the fact that he's not just muttering "You suck, you suck, you suck, you suck" to himself in the batter's box, but he's going to have to start stringing these moments together into something before I lose the image of him staring blankly at fastballs down the middle for strikes.  He's looked slightly more locked in of recent, and has put some good swings on the ball, but after Juan Pierre seemingly plateaued at .260 in his coming-out-of-the-slump bid, I'm not letting another one of these marginally talented dopes get my hopes up without some sort of 4-4, 3 HR, 7 RBI, "I'm Back Motherf@#$&$s!!!!" type of performance.  
Alright, Gordon could go 1-4, but if after hitting a single he looked into the camera and screamed "I'm back, Motherf#@$%#s!!!!", I'd be entirely on board.
But unlike Santa Claus, and your parents undying love for another, some things are real.  Alex Rios is really, quite good.  His only period this season that could be thought of as a slump is when he hit below .200 in the opening weeks because he kept lancing line drives right at people (The Mark Kotsay effect).  At no point has he seemed lost at the plate, and he really is the only thing that keeps us from just being the Seattle Mariners.  He's strangely only on pace for 88 RBIs, but that could change now that he seems rooted in the 3 hole in the lineup, or it could be a by-product of no one ever being on base.
Also real, is Freddy Garcia.  Not real in the John Danks sense, or real in the 2006 Freddy Garcia sense, but real.  A rotation pitcher.  There's no rush to bring up Daniel Hudson anymore unless we're unloading veterans, or it's September call-ups, because Freddy is a legit pitcher capable of stringing together quality starts, and has never bowed away from pitching on the road.  I didn't think I'd say this, but Freddy Garcia is actually useful.  
Then again, he's still capable of outings like last Sunday against Florida, where batters actually realize "Hey, this curveball is just hanging here in the air belt-high, I'm going to smack the crap out of it because I'm actually a competent hitter".  But the Sox play in the AL Central, so we don't have to deal with that too often.

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