Who Will Play Outfield Tonight?

So I went and made a few jokes Wednesday night about how Carlos Quentin was flying around all uncoordinated in outfield and was a sure bet for an injury, and now....he's out for tonight against the Yankees with a strained hamstring, which is apparently the same injury that kept him out yesterday.  This is troubling in multiple ways; first that Quentin is sidelined just as he was coming out of his slump, second that this man is so injury-prone that I legitimately fear that this is some sort of gateway injury that leads to ones far worse like broken foot, lacerated spleen, or most likely, torn hamstring.

On top of that, Juan Pierre has been benched.  Can't say this is a shocker as he's been utterly abysmal, but one has to wonder who takes his place.  Other than Juan there really isn't a guy who fits the typical mode of leadoff man on the roster.  I guess Juan doesn't fit it either because he can't hit.  Will Ozzie foolishly move Gordon Beckham back there even though his confidence is still low?  Will he follow my goofy idea to put Mark Teahen at the top slot because he's been getting on base?  Or maybe he should just chuck Jayson Nix out there, just to mess with everyone's heads.  I'm sure whatever Ozzie decides, it will be just as awful as the three ideas I've just presented.

With two outfielders down, I'd anticipate Mark Kotsay being shifted into the outfield, which doesn't upset me as this is exactly the situation where he should be used.  He's been putting decent swings on the ball recently, maybe he'll stave off embarrassing himself tonight.

I can only hope the Sox do the same.

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