Update to A.J. Pierzynski Article

Today in the Chicago Tribune Pierzynski is quoted as saying "I feel like I'm doing everything right, I'm just not getting any hits."  Seemingly to imply that he feels his slump is simply a string of bad luck, rather than a complete breakdown of his hitting mechanics.

Pardon?!?  So does that mean that reaching out after and poking balls that would normally hit someone standing in the right-handed batter's box and hitting grounders so soft that they wouldn't kill the brats from "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" if they were standing in the infield grass was the plan?!  Unless "doing everything right" simply means not oversleeping for the game, putting your socks on before your shoes, and and remembering that you're left-handed, I would say you're doing a lot of things wrong, A.J.

I wish I had not seen this article, I much prefer the idea of professional baseball players taking the game seriously; watching film, scouting pitchers, and generally treating the sport like it's their job.  This notion of A.J. swinging like he just got shot in the kneecap, grounding a ball to short at 3 mph, and thinking "Hmmm...I wonder why that happened?" before going back to the dugout to eat Funyuns and read Hardy Boys novels is not reassuring.

Something is wrong, A.J., and knowing is half the battle.    

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