Sox Should Win Tonight...Or you know, at least try

Having already achieved their goal of actually winning a game in Toronto, the White Sox have a chance to take 3 out of 4 from a team that has started the season well, but by all accounts should be pretty horrible this year.  The Sox will throw out Freddy Garcia tonight, who during his last outing was described as looking definitively 'frisky', which is far better than last season when he was described usually as 'doughy', 'sweaty', and 'possibly drunk'.  Toronto will start lefthander Dana Eveland. Which bring forth the question; who the hell is that?  Eveland is a 26-year old lefthander who was cut last season by the Oakland A's after posting a 7.14 ERA in 9 starts, and allowing 70 hits in 44 innings (He walked 26 in those 44 innings for a 2.18 WHIP, Holy Jeebus!).  Another interesting fact, is that in 2008, when he made 29 starts for Oakland, Dana led the league in four-pitch walks with 27.  He was drafted in the 16th round, so it's safe to say that the pedigree isn't there.  And yet, Dana went 7.1 shutout innings during his debut, allowing only five hits, and surely made the rotation out of spring training for a reason.

Then again, he's the starter behind Brandon Morrow in the rotation who has looked awful in both of his starts on the season, and Eveland's one outing was against the 1-8 Baltimore Orioles who are averaging 3 runs a game on the young season.  If the Sox can get over their aversion to hitting mediocre lefthanders (see: Tuesday night), this shouldn't be a difficult mountain to climb.

I wanted to end this little preview ditty with some hateful doubt about Freddy, but he hit as high as 92 last Saturday, which was his real issue the past few years.  His breaking stuff is good enough that he just needs enough of a fastball to keep hitters honest.  As long as no one closed a hotel room door on his right arm last night, I have confidence in Freddy to be a capable fifth starter WHO ABSOLUTELY UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES MUST NOT GO PAST THE SIXTH INNING.  How he got his velocity back I have no idea, but so long as he has it, he has vitality.

Man those words look good...good enough to eat later tonight.  (There's the doubt I wanted!)

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