Site Will Be Down During the Exact Time I Usually Write-Recap Will Be Delayed Till Midnight

The ChicagoNow site administrator, or uh...the web manager, or internet demagogue--I don't know what the guy's title is.  In either case, he emailed all the writers saying that the site we use to actually post things on the internet, will be down from 9pm to at least 12am.  I thought "Great!"  Because what is there ever to write about immediately after the most important game of the season?

But seriously, the site is being moved to a better server, and as a writer here for the past two weeks I can assure you that this is something that probably needs to happen.  Working on a post for 5 hours, submitting it, then watching it struggle to load for 15 minutes is not good for my blood pressure.

As of right now, the Sox are leading 2-1 after the 4th.  The offense looks legitimately feisty tonight, but absolutely wasted a bases loaded opportunity with one out this past inning.  What's important is that John Danks has been dealing ever since letting Carl Crawford hit a ball onto the campus of Western Illinois University in the 1st inning.  I'm optimistic.

Note: Danks struck out Carlos Pena AND B.J. Upton just while I was proofreading (Yes, I proofread!) this.  My goodness.

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