Jake Peavy Gives Semi-Plausible Excuse for Horrifying All of Us

So many people have been a disappointment for the White Sox so far that it really says something about Jake Peavy's stature and reputation that he's become the disappointment that no one wants to talk about because it's too devastating to acknowledge.  Today in a Chicago Tribune article Peavy threw us a bone and gave some explanation for his struggles.  Just like when your Dad explains with Jim Beam still on his breath why mom will come back even though she's been gone for 8 months now, it doesn't matter if his reasoning is wholly illogical, what matters is that Good God!  Mom is coming back!!!!

[Per Mark Gonzalez of the Chicago Tribune:
Jake Peavy believes he unknowingly was protecting his right ankle
during his first three starts and that led to a dip in velocity.

"It all starts with my leg," said Peavy, referring to the right ankle injury that limited him to three starts after coming from the Padres in a July 31 trade. "My leg kick was different, but I really had no legs in my delivery."
Peavy was able to work on his leg drive and arm angle during a damp
bullpen session Sunday but couldn't throw at full speed because he
threw 108 pitches in only four-plus innings Thursday against the Rays
when he walked seven. But his velocity increased about 4 mph to 94 mph.

"My arm didn't feel great to really let it go and mimic the exact thing
you're going to do during a game, but it felt better," Peavy said. "I
got more comfortable with what I needed to do and hopefully Wednesday I
can get closer to being the guy I know I can be."

Uh....OK!  Great!  So everything's going to be better!??!  Awesome!  Whatever you say!!!  You were still physically compensating for an injury you haven't had for 7 months?  Happens all the time!!!  So it was all an issue of diminished velocity??  Here I thought it was more of an issue of you walking seven guys BECAUSE YOU COULDN'T HIT THE FRIGGIN PLATE!!!!  BECAUSE WE TRADED THE FARM FOR YOU, ARE PAYING YOU TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND WAITED ALL OF LAST SEASON FOR YOU TO COME BACK AND YOU CAN'T HIT THE MOTHERF--wait...ahem...uh....so everything's working?  That's great.  One bullpen session fixed it all, huh?  Just like Matt Thornton!  I'm psyched.  Go get em, Jakester.

You can read the whole Tribune article at: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseball/whitesox/ct-spt-0428-brite-white-sox-rangers-chica20100427,0,2395630.story

See that Tribune guys?  That's called a plug.  Return the favor!!!


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