Little Village Little League baseball continues to build safe spaces for youth

This baseball season, my son joined a Little League baseball team in Little Village on Chicago's Southwest side.  My son says he looks forward to trying to "do something awesome at every game."  He made some nice plays--including a double play--and he heard me yell a lot: "That's muh boy!" He struck out a few times, too.

I helped out with the coaching, and I enjoyed every moment.  I also learned a great deal from my son's coaches Jose and Eddie.

League President Matt DeMateo says the goal of this five-year-old league is to build safe spaces for youth.  "We want to to create spaces where youth in Little Village can come together, build community, build a solid relationship with other youth and adults, and build a stronger neighborhood," DeMateo says.

The photos in this gallery are from games my son's team played at Harrison and Piotrowski Parks.

The league is part a network of organizations creating sports opportunities for over 1500 youth on the Southwest side.  For more information or to get involved, email

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