Chicago Public Schools graduate makes documentary about black and Latino stereotypes

It's always inspiring when I run into a former student pursing a big dream.  Sergio Gutierrez, my former Chicago Public schools student, decided against a business degree and, instead, pursued a communications career.  He's focused now on producing films.

In his short documentary Judgment, Gutierrez explores contemporary black and Latino stereotypes due to the lack of interactions we have and as a result the images we regularly see--even in the 21st century.  With multiple interviews and thoughtful media clips, this documentary emphasizes the need for more inclusive interactions and thoughtful media viewing so we don't perpetuate stereotypes.

This documentary made me think of the images that proliferate in education movements and I wonder, "What perceptions of black and Latino students do current education debates perpetuate?"

On this Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, devote seventeen minutes to hearing underheard voices in Sergio Gutierrez's documentary.

To learn more about Sergio Gutierrez's filmmaking, visit his Web site.

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