Chicago Public Schools students organize lunch boycott Thursday, Dec. 17

Chicago Public Schools students' complaints about the crappy Aramark lunches have gotten national attention.  Roosevelt High School students, with the guidance of teacher Tim Meegan, started a civics project--The School Lunch Project--to communicate the poor quality of school lunches.

These civics students are calling for a citywide lunch boycott on Thursday, December 17 to pressure Aramark into providing students with more appetizing lunches.  The School Lunch Project's Web site even has flyers students can easily distribute. Their hashtag: #FoodFight.

Chicago Public Radio's Monica Eng has been covering students' activism with stories and explained why students don't want the lunch and why CPS and Aramark want students to want the lunch.  Quite simply, CPS and Aramark get about $3.00 from the Feds each time a student takes a crappy lunch.

On Chicago's Southwest side, Hancock College Prep students wrote about students' lunch complaints for a cover story in the first issue of this year's school paper--and included an Aramark representative's explanation.  Students still don't like the lunches.

Roosevelt students met with CPS representatives recently with, according to teacher Tim Meegan, "disappointing" results.

About ten years ago when I taught at another Chicago public high school, I bought a teacher's lunch every day: stuffed peppers, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, Friday catfish.  When I went to a neighborhood CPS high school in the late 80s, lunches were pretty good.  Turkey-a-la-king over a bed of white rice was my favorite.  But these days, I brown bag my lunch EVERY day.  I won't touch the Aramark lunches.

Roosevelt High School students continue to set an example for other students city- and nationwide.  Hopefully, tomorrow, other CPS students will use their civic and economic power and bring a healthier brown bag lunch from home--instead of just sitting around, complaining, eating hot chips, and drinking Coke.

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