Chicago Public Schools student struggles but graduates

This guest post is by my student Diana Morales, who graduated last week.

I remember being so excited to enter high school. Graduating from eighth grade was so much fun but at the same time scary because I knew what was coming my way.

Once I entered high school and completed my first year I realized school was hard for me. My troubles were mostly academic. I’ve always been a slow learner, especially when it came to math. I could never master it, even with tutoring. It was frustrating not being able to understand the material.

I struggled to pass and even talked to my teacher about my difficulties and still failed. My whole family found out and I was embarrassed because I knew they were going to judge me—and they did.

In my family, school is important. The expectation was for me to get multiple degrees. I was compared to my cousins a lot because they excelled at school. That comparison made me self-conscious and I struggled with that pressure for a long time. Throughout high school, I felt like everyone around me was smarter than me and it made me feel insecure.

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