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Chicago teachers strike wins and loses

For the first time in my life and for the sixth day, I stood on strike by the high school where I teach.  On August 31, for the first time in seventeen years, I wore red to support the Chicago Teachers Union.  A few months before that, I gave my vote to authorize a strike;... Read more »

Why do I teach in the Chicago Public Schools?

I ask myself this question regularly these days.  While both sides decide what will happen next, it’s possible that we, as teachers, may forget what we do and why.  Below is my response to the question. I invite all Chicago public school teachers to post–in about 100 words–why they teach in their own words, in... Read more »

Julian Castro or Michelle Obama--who succeeded?

Some people get excited by football.  I hoot and holler and jump on my couch during key speeches such as tonight’s at the Democratic National Convention. Before tonight’s main speeches, one of the CNN commentators said, “If you tell people what they already know, they stay where they are.”  This was the challenge that Julian... Read more »