Is your Clean Desk policy sweeping good employees away?

Is your Clean Desk policy sweeping good employees away?

Anyone out there have a Corporate policy that workspaces be borderline sterile?  I have worked in several different offices over the years and have been subject to a myriad of policies concerning my personal workspace.  I don't know about you? But when someone puts constraints on what I can, or can't do, I tend to push into the "can't do" area as a matter of principle.  The good old fashion "forbidden fruit" situation burns hot with me!

It is this reason, that when I’ve been in charge, I have always allowed my folks to bring in whatever they wanted.

Yoga ball instead of a desk chair?  Rock on!

Radio to listen to while processing work?  You betcha!  

Pictures, memorabilia, or plants?  Yes, yes, and yes!  

My thinking was that the more their spaces felt like home and/or comfortable, the better the performance.  If they felt good, they would work “good,” Kind of like dress codes.  Sure you can do the day's work in a tie and slacks, or a power suit but unless you are seeing a client, why not be comfy?  If you are uncomfortable you’re going to run from that situation as soon as possible.  Am I right?

Your desk space freedom should follow this same principle.  We spend many more hours at work than we do at home.  We all spend time and money decorating our homes, so why is it such a taboo to do the same in the work place?

So leaders, while your company may have a policy against personalizing the space.  See what you can do.  I promise you, your people will love you for it!



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