What if we all got to do what we were good at?

I'm a sucker for a good show - At Chicagonow there are plenty of good shows being put on daily!  I mean side splitting humor and razor sharp commentary prepared by "regular folks."  I'd like to think I'm just new around here, but when I see the things come out of no where, I get soooooo pissed I didn't think of it first!

I am blown away at the sheer talent people possess.  While struggling to live during my flu (exaggeration for effect) this past week, I checked into the inter-webs a few times just to make sure an asteroid wasn't about to hit or something of similar concern.  Mostly found out that Angelina and Brad got married, the President had the gall to wear a tan suit, you know important stuff.  But after all of that, I was awed by a few artists that could create amazing works in little to no time.   All posted for free and provided via the internets.  One man seen here, does amazing work with his fingers and finishes them in seconds!  Or this young person, who gives a show on the beach.  You see it's when he turns the thing over that it all comes together...Ninja mode!  Talent that oozes from every pore.  We all have our talents.  While I can't draw much, although my kids think I can draw "amazing," most of you would laugh it off.  But I can string a few words together occasionally.  I'm also pretty damn good at getting a group of people to work together as well as helping people learn things they don't necessarily care about.

What are you good at?  Come on!  There's something, everyone is good at something....aren't they?

It always reminds me of the scene from Anchorman, Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) says,"...I am good at three things: Fighting, screwing, and reading the news. I've already done one of those today, so what's the other one gonna be? Huh?"


My kind of lady!  By the way - how does one get into news reading?  I think I'd like a run at that!  But I digress.

In our world, we tend to fear those with talent.  Mostly because of our constant need for self preservation.  I know when I see a colleague with some moves I get a little pissy, albeit pissiness in my head.  I wouldn't dare voice it, that would be unprofessional (tongue firmly in cheek). Mostly I just get pissed that I didn't think of that first.  Then I realize, oh wait, I'll just steal that shit and put my own spin on it.  You know, the American way!  Copy what's good and exploit it for everything it's worth and then move onto the next hot thing.

Rainbow looms for EVERYONE!

My advice for you is simple.  Find what you're good at, enjoy and can give you some kind of a living, and then DO IT.  Follow your heart.  Of course if you're good at killing, maybe go to plan B.  I will not condone illegal activity.  Unless it sounds really fun!  No, No, No...No illegal.  Let's keep it legal folks.  But honestly, doing what you actually have an interest in can be such an amazing thing.  When I sold sneakers in Footlocker I was as happy, in a professional setting, than I ever been.  Sure, I had to quit it because it was my summer job during school and well, I had a tendency to spend my paychecks on merchandise.  Can't do that with a family of four to feed.  So find that happy place where you don't spend everything while doing what you love, give it a shot.  If you fall, well you gave it a shot.  If you don't, you'll end up playing the "what if" game for the rest of your life.  And, that game is the only one in history, that doesn't have a winner!

Thanks for reading friends!

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