Forcast for the day - Success with a chance of failure

I've always been fascinated by the art of success and the fact that there are so many avenues of employment.  Everything from the multimillionaire actors and athletes to the folks who clean up after their games and movies are all options.  Or for some, the only option.  As a young man, I was always blown away at the thought  that people were paid for doing fun things.  Singers, actors, ball players - I'm in!


Then as a college senior, I was able to beat out a couple hundred fellow students to be the PR/Marketing intern for the Class A Professional Baseball Club, Eugene Emeralds.  I was living the dream while making zero money!  Ah, the catch.  Normally you have a trade off.  Fun or funds!  Want to work in sports or the entertainment industry?  Time to decide, fun or funds!  Unless of course, you are the talent.  If you've got god given talent and the drive to work for it, then the money seemingly pours in!  Not to take away from those with the gift of acting, song or athletics but let's face it - life is normally pretty good for them (if you haven't noticed).  While the rest of us struggle to keep up with the cost of living.

With all that said, how many of us are doing what we love?  Or on the flip side, how many these days are doing something well below their pay grade?  I met a former VP of Marketing that was driving a cab because he couldn't find a job.  While hiring over the last few years, I've seen many individuals willing to take much lower jobs, just to get back to work.

At the end of the day, we work with the landscape we are given. Or do we have to?  Some bust out of terrible situations to rise above all their peers.  So what is the secret ingredient?  Passion? Luck? Practice? Brains? Brawn?

I'm thinking it's a combination of all the above.  I've seen great ideas fall flat while things like the Snuggie blow up?

Success is as unpredictable as...US!  People!  We are unique, strange, funny, sweet, mean and everything in between!  We the people, are the secret!  We fall in love and out of love at our own pace - we decide what works and what doesn't!

Look at those that have been in the limelight for a long time.  They've changed, morphed into the trends.  McDonalds is king at this.  While keeping the core values intact they've remodeled, offered WI-FI, expanded the dollar menu, added healthier options and made it almost a coffee shop in many locations.  Why? because that's what people are looking for!  Inexpensive, but solid value for their hard earned money.  They want to feel comfortable and not stuck in a fast food joint.

This is the key - keep pace with your customers! Push your business to honor the people and what they want and you should keep your doors open for as long as you'd like.

Therefore, expect the unexpected because the moment you think you have it figured out - the new flavor of the day will hit and boom!  Change!

What flavors have you seen come and go?

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