Is there more than just working for the weekend?

Life is short.  These days, it seems we are being reminded of that almost constantly.  For that reason, it is critical that we take control of our careers.  It is too easy to spend years in a job that you only initially wanted to do for a year or two while you looked for something really good.  Or, you go for the big job up, only to get shot down and fall to the back up plan, permanently.


I feel more than a few of you reading may be in one of these situations.  There's no shame in that.  We make livings, bonuses, provide for our families and eventually, the dream dims.  Our dreams are replaced by the the mantra and 80's tune, "Everybody's working for the weekend."

Again, I'm not judging, because I've been victim to this.

When I was a young man in college, working towards my Business Administrative degree, the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) offered a MBA in Sports Marketing from the Warsaw School of Sports Marketing.  As an undergrad, I was able to take some of these courses.  It was heaven!  I enjoyed a class from Dr. Dennis Howard, a man that helped shaped the world of tying business and sports together.  Our assignments, were to watch the Super Bowl, not for the game, but to watch the commercials.  We watched the art of sponsorships around NASCAR.  Have you ever seen the "Hat Dance" at the end of a race for the winner?  Youtube it!   I was living my dream.  My grades went through the roof, why?  Because, I was finally doing what I wanted.

However, my dream quickly came to an end when I tried to actually get a job in sports.  Why? Because, everyone and their brother wants to work for a sports team.  I almost had it in Portland.  The biggest act in town (and the only), the Trailblazers.  I was down to the last two.  I had volunteered, knew a girl that worked there, but lost out to a ringer.

Where did I end up?  Plan B, telecom, ground floor customer service.  Not awesome.  I ended up running the team in six months.  And took over the whole division within a year, but lets face it.  Not working in sports.  Not living the dream!

That was 15 years ago.  Fifteen!  I've been in Service Operations since.  It's been good to me.  Fed my family, clothed my family and satisfied my need to provide for them.  However, it hasn't been the dream.  It hasn't burned that internal flame like I enjoyed at just 18 years of age.

But you know what has?  Writing this blog!  Sharing some thoughts and banter with you good people.  I love it!  It got really good this week. I had a reader reach for some advice.  We chatted and boom!  He had a game plan for his team!

With that said, please let me know what you think!  What do you want to hear?  Am I wrong? Full of BS - please comment!

Thank you for reading!

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