Just do it - the battle between prioritization and procrastination

Like many things in life, there is a fine line between great and gross!

I mean think about it.  Having two cocktails at a dinner party, great!  Having seven drinks at the same party, and making a fool of yourself? Gross.

Going shopping for a new outfit, great!  Going shopping for 10 outfits and spending your rent money, gross.

This same type of line exists between prioritization and procrastination.



Anyone in a leadership role knows that schedules and to-do lists need to be flexible.  Fires start out of no where.  People need attention.  Problems need solving and newsflash, it's your hot potato to catch.

But this is where the gross can come in!  If you continue to push of things, a virtual avalanche of pain will begin to build and eventually swallow you up.  Hence, today's fine line question, how do we walk the tight rope of prioritization and procrastination?  The answer is two-fold.  First, organization is critical!  Without the knowledge of what is due, you are sunk.  So work with what makes sense to you. To-do lists are common.  My personal favorite is MS Outlook.  Color coding, flagging options, and the calendar are all critical parts of my daily life.  Honestly, without the calendar function, I would be lost.  I'd be wandering the halls talking to myself!  It allows me to set reminders to get things done.  When things are due, phone calls, email, and my favorite, just block out time to get miscellaneous things done!  The second part my advise to solve the procrastination quandary is personal commitment.  I am a natural born procrastinator.  I can push stuff off with no effort at all.  After this mindset bit me in the butt for the millionth time, I knew something needed to change.  In my, case I found inspiration from a mentor.  Since I'm a people pleaser, the addition of a live person to challenge me was critical.  My mentor's mantra, "GET IT DONE," was pounded into my head.  "Why wait, just do it!" She'd preach.  "Get it over with and move on!"  And. "Do not wait another day or two when you can make that call, or have that conversation NOW!"  She was good!  Needless to say, this change in thinking has changed my life.  I won't pretend that I don't have my moments when I push things off.  It happens, I don't beat myself up!  I'm committed to learning from it and live to fight another day.  My advise is to find someone that has excellent organizational and motivational skills and appeal to them to help you.  Tell them your goal, what you need from them and walk that line together!

For all my procrastinating brothers and sisters out there - Don't bookmark this and try this later.  Do it now!  Open your calendar and start building time for you, for your projects, and most importantly time to take control of your professional life.

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We can do it together!

Don't be gross, be great!  You know you have it in you!

Thanks for reading!


"Procrastination is like a credit card: it's a lot of fun until you get the bill." - Christopher Parker


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