I've got friends in all kinds of places - don't you?

"Every Great Person is always being helped by everybody; for their gift is to get good out of all things and all persons." - John Ruskin

Have you ever noticed that the biggest all-stars in life seem to have a pretty awesome team around them?  While any one player can change a game, it takes a solid team to get to the mountain top.

Whistling while we work - Jeremy Reed

Case in point, Michael Jordan, one of my favorite players of all time, wasn't able to do it alone.  We should all remember his performance against the Celtics in '86?  63 points - but they lost the series.  Similarly, against the "Bad Boys" they couldn't get over the top.  But when all the parts came together.  Horace, Scottie, BJ, Cartwright, Will and the rest were added, BOOM, Championship landslide!  Don't get me wrong, obviously Jordan was the star, but it took a team to get him to the top.

Man, writing that makes me miss those days!  How about you?

This is the same for business.  I was successful in the corporate world, not because I was the Jordan of the company (even thought I'd like to think so), it was because I had a team of people I called upon.  I knew where to get the answers.  A network of smart people, in different parts of the organization that could help me answer questions and get things done.  Done quickly!

Do you have a network?  No?  Why?  Too busy? Afraid?

Normally people will tell me, it's not in their job description to make nice with other teams.  "Why should I get to know the people in Accounting, Collections?"  Because they can help!  And I'm not talking about making them a connection on linkedin.  I'm talking about getting to know them personally.  Make a personal connection!  We all like to help our friends and it is no different for the business world!  Make friends!  It may just be the answer to a stalled or stale career!

If you want to be good?  Fly on your own.  You want to be great, get a team!

We all can't be Jordan, but we can be winning players if we're unafraid to surround ourselves by talented friends.

Thank you for reading!

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