Blue Angels buzzing Chicago - America at it's finest

From a young age, my mother, an aging flower child, forbade any thought of armed service for me and my brother.  She actually said, "If you try, I'll blow your foot off."  We didn't have guns so I'm not sure how she'd blow it off, but the message was received.  However, we were surrounded by people that had served.  Her father served in Korea.  My step father served in Vietnam.  Countless family friends had served  in one way or another as well.  But for us it was not an option.  College was the only option.  I'm not saying this wasn't a good thing, because honestly I don't believe I'd survive boot camp.  Just not an early riser or the getting yelled at type.


Although I would walk a different path, I've always had great admiration for those in the service.  I love the respect, order and passion these folks have for our country.  The fact that they provide us the freedom and security to live and do silly things like Facebook, watch movies and play video games is undeniable.  They are heroes and should be rewarded with respect and opportunity.

As the Blue Angels fly around our great city, I am reminded how incredible our country is.  Not only do we have the most impressive Army, Navy and Marines, but the machines we have built for them to use are mind blowing.  The F-18's,  maneuvering our skies are flying pieces of beauty and art.  But they are just hunks of metal without the pilots.  I mean they fly mere feet between them while flying hundreds of miles an hour.  All while trying to stay over the city and put on a good show.  The last two days have been a delight to be a Chicago resident.  I was running around my house like a kid!  "Here they come, Here they come!" I was yelling at my kids.  The noise shook our house and unfortunately drove my two dogs crazy.  Their little dog brains could not handle the RPMs or the decibels kicked out by those pretty blue jets.

I recall last year's show did not have the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds, all because of budget cuts and political mess.  While I respect the need for balanced government spending, I truly believe the country and we as individuals need a little fun once in a while.  Just seeing those babies cruising around, in formation, brightened my day.  And, by the looks of my Facebook page, it did for lots of my friends here as well.

With this said, I'd like to encourage you to take a little time this weekend to look up and enjoy the show.  I know the world has been kicking us in the teeth the last few weeks, so it's more important than ever to take a little time to enjoy the view.  Oh and to enjoy the sheer awesome skill and power of these pilots.  U-S-A ...U-S-A

America at it's best folks!

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