Minecraft - Kid Crack Or A Glimpse Of What Is Coming?

I'm a child of the 70's, lived the 80's and was a teen in the 90's - meaning I've seen fads come and go.  If you were to dig through my photo albums.  I mean books of photos, not the cloud version I have for my kids now.  You'd see that I pegged my pants, rocked florescent colored wind-breakers, and yes played some of the greatest games known to man.  Mario Brothers, Contra, Akari Warriors...Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Select, Start - meaning something to a few of my readers.  That's what I used to pour over as a young lad on the West Coast.  I'd try to break the square controller when things didn't go my way.  I'd curse Metroid for being too hard!  Funny thing is, I've seen those games get more and more advanced in my years.  However, I'm blown away that my kids are currently fully addicted to a game that boasts 8-bit graphics.  I'm talking, selling all their possessions obsessed with this game.  When I take it away from them, they act as if I've removed both legs and arms in a single swoop.  Full Blown melt downs from a boy and a girl now older than six.  Ummmmmmm...it's Minecraft, it's not as though you're saving the planet from doom.  But in their minds, I am taking away their worlds.  A world they created.  Now I should tell you, I'm not about to let them get online and "play" with the general population.  I'm a grown man and the things people say over the internet are about a scary as anything I've EVER heard on field of play or on a playground.  People are nasty, insane and don't feel the need to filter what so ever over the internet.  So we keep our Minecraft worlds local to our private network.  But kids from up and down the block come to our house to see my son work and build his lands.  I'm talking a half a dozen kids sitting around and just watching my son touch and swirl  the iPad.  Um...kids...hello...it's summer...in Chicago...time to get out and do your fun cause the frozen tundra is coming!

My wife and I have spent countless arguments over this topic.  While I believe spending time on current games are okay...she thinks the kids need to kick it, old school, skinned knees, swings, scooters and bikes.  Which they do.  I promise you.  I've spend more money on band-aides in the past couple months than I have in a LONG time.  However, it's the nature of the addiction to the games that we disagree upon.  I remember, being over whelmed with the idea that MY GAME was going unplayed.  "But Mom, if I don't play the world will come to an end..." Go out and play would be her answer every time!

I see Minecraft as the modern legos without the foot pain when you step on them in the middle of the night.  I think there is a space for games, but I also believe, as my wife does, that we need to balance indoor fun with the, good old fashion play in the yard until the street lights come on, fun too!

So where do you fit in?  Kid crack? Or, just what games are now?

Have you and your partner or spouse fought like my wife and I have?

Please share!


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