Like a wrapped present on (insert your holiday of choice here) - I'm ready to open up!

First, I'm very excited to be here! I'm like the new kid in school.  Not sure where I fit in, or who I'm going to have lunch with yet.  But like when I was in school (in the 90's) with my fresh jeans on...I'm nervous!

This little part of the interwebs is going to focus on my view of how the world does and does NOT serve us as customers.  It's also going to help people in the management and leadership world.  Mostly with tips and tricks for getting employees to do things better while they think they're having fun.  I've had some interesting posts during my 20 plus year career.  My resume is filled with everything from Telecom to Retail Merchandising - I told ya, weird!   I won't lie, it's not exactly a list of jobs that make sense or follow any logical order, but it does allow me to provide you some great stories and ideas, that only a person who is a little off center like me can provide!

One request, I'd like you to raise your virtual hands and drop some comments on me!  I'm not a big fan of talking in a vacuum.  Don't get me wrong, I can talk and talk and talk (by talking I mean writing) until you will cry for a break.  At least that what's I'm hoping and have lodged in my mostly childish, yet awesome caveman oriented brain.

Oh a little about me - I'm a giant man.  Seriously three hundred lbs of pure people loving man!  I love to make people laugh and love to make people successful.  I came here to do two things.  Drink some beer and motivate some folks to change the way they think about leadership and driving success!  And, it looks like we're almost out of beer!

Oh back to me...I'm a father of two lovely, insane and enthusiastic children who are currently on summer break.  If you know anything, summer break isn't cool once you become a parent.  As a kid, it's glorious, as a parent it's slow torture in the form of bored children that have WAY too much energy!  But I digress, again!  I'm married to an amazingly talented artist which in itself is worthy of a few posts.  In all, I am looking forward to sharing with you some ideas and things that have worked over the years.

So, here's to us!  Forming our new, first day of school bonds and promise to sit with each other tomorrow for lunch...okay?

keep calm




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