Keep it Flexible like a Olympic Gymnast

I was reminded today, that it is imperative to keep things loose and flexible.  We had a set number of plans for the family, including an out-of-town cousin to see the sights in Chicago.  Namely, the tourist hot spot, Navy Pier...On a Saturday.  Since I've been away from the Loop for the past several weeks, I did not remember the volume of folks in the city during the summer months.  Especially on an incredible day like today.  But we made our run, and long story short, were turned away mere feet from the finish the parking lot was full.  And, at that moment, I was reminded how important it is not to dwell and move on.  Unfortunately this isn't the normal procedure for big business, in that space, things are pushed not matter how square the peg is trying to fit into the round hole.  We are told to stay on a path because it is the know THE PLAN.

So time and money is spent trying to make things work because someone's ego, bonus or even job is on the line.  But in terms of business theory and logicality there is no reason to stay the course of a failing plan.  So unlike my past experience in big business, my family and I pulled a plan B!  To be honest, we moved to Plan C!

You know what?  It felt good!

Well good in that we had options, and I'm not going to try and tell you that there are always as many options as we had today, during an incredible sunny day in Chicago, but I think you know where I'm going.

What I can tell you is that while we don't always have complete control in our corporate world, we do have some wiggle room with how we navigate within the path given to us.  As leaders, managers and bosses it is our duty to walk the line, but do so in a way that works best for our teams.  You know, the old, there are many different ways to "skin a cat."  Which is gross, and weird and something I need to find out where it came from!

At the end of the day, we are responsible to deliver results.  Walking the path will keep us employed, but navigating the path wisely and in the best interest of our teams will drive your success!  So here's to wiggle room, the gray area and not being afraid of back-up plans!

Please share your stories of a successful plan B move?  Or even a time when you were asked to walk a path that you knew wouldn't be prudent but you did so as a good solider.

Thanks for reading friends!  Until next time!



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