9 Year Old Asean Johnson Asks Board of Education to Protect Kids

Asean Johnson from Garvey School in Chicago pleads with the Chicago Board of Education to help kids and stop giving tax dollars to corporations.

Corporate Education Reform is a Losing Proposition

The mantra of self-styled education “reformers” is that in order to improve schools, they must  run “like a business.” It’s important to note that nine out of ten new businesses fail each year. Chicago Public Schools is managed sort of like a business. There’s a CEO and there’s a Board of Directors. Meetings consist of... Read more »

UNO Charter School CEO Should Step Down from the Public Building Commission

On May 1st, 2013 – May Day, UNO charter school workers turned in union cards showing 87% of them wanted to be unionized. This is huge news considering the anti-Union record of the charter network’s CEO Juan Rangel.  Last September, Rangel took aim at Chicago Teachers Union for going out on strike after negotiations with the... Read more »

School Closings and Their Trail of Tears

From the New York Times: CHICAGO — After weeks of uncertainty, principals at 54 public schools here officially learned from city officials on Thursday that their schools would close, with 11 more to share space with other schools. The closings represent the largest group of campuses to be shut down at one time by a city... Read more »

Chicago Schools: Separate and Unequal [VIDEOS]

In the 1960s, Chicago Public Schools were segregated and starved of resources. The problem got so bad that Dr. Martin Luther King pressed Mayor Daley to fix the problems. Daley would not budge. In 2013, things aren’t much better. From Progress Illinois:   The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) led a bus tour of blighted neighborhoods slated for... Read more »

Chicago Public School Closings Whitewash History

People often recoil at the word racism. It is a term that is often erroneously conflated with “bigotry” and “prejudice.” One does not have to be a bigot to push racist policy. Racist policies are those that have a disparate negative impact on particular races. The term racism does not necessarily have anything to do... Read more »