I'm pretty easy to get hold of. Here are the best methods:

  • Want to say something nice to me? Want to send me hate mail? Just want to say hi? Wonderful. Feel free to send me an email at bmayeroff [AT] gmail [DOT] com. And replace [AT] and [DOT] with @ and . respectively.
  • Prefer to get hold of me via Twitter? You can do that. I tweet under the handle @bill_mayeroff.
  • I'm on Instagram under the handle @bill_mayeroff; I post a lot of pictures of dogs.
  • The official Facebook home of Where the Beer and Whiskey Flow can be found at
  • I also do the instant messaging thing. Enjoyers of Gchat can send me a chat invite at bmayeroff [AT] gmail [DOT] com (replacing [AT] and [DOT] with @ and . respectively). Or if you're old-school and still use AIM, I'm Soxfanbill on there. But you might want to send me an email before trying me on AIM because if I don't recognize your screenname, I might ignore you.