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I'm ok. It's just resting bitch face.

Hi folks. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted here. I’ve been putting a lot of effort into my new blog project - Pints and Pups (which you should totally check out, by the way). But I promise I’ll be better about posting here. Anyway, onto the business at hand. When I’m out among people... Read more »

Confessions of an office supply slut

Hi, everyone. Nice to meet you. I’m Bill. And I’m an office supply slut. I love office supplies like I love few other things. I’m not sure what it is about them. But they’re amazing. Pens, manila folders, colorful Post-it® tabs, dry erase boards, multicolored highlighters … I love them all. The supply room is... Read more »

A dog of a law in Homer Glen

The problem with writing laws that have to do with dog behavior (or any almost any behavior for that matter, but for now, I’ll stick with dog behavior) is that they need to be very carefully worded in order to avoid subjective language that is too open to interpretation. After all, these laws are designed... Read more »

More unexpected perks of having a job

I’m officially 11 days into my new job and the perks just keep on coming. I haven’t gotten a paycheck yet (that happens Friday). My insurance hasn’t kicked in (that happens Oct. 1). But nonetheless, there have been some very tangible perks. First off, there’s the perk of actually getting to wear real clothes. Let... Read more »

Office perks

Big news! Well, it’s big news to me. Not so big to you. But still. Big news! Ladies and gentlemen … I HAVE AN OFFICE! For many of you, this isn’t terribly exciting. But for me, it’s huge. See, I’ve never had my own office before. But yesterday, when I arrived for my first day... Read more »

Funeral processions should be outlawed

I’ve never understood the reasons behind the funeral procession. Anyone who’s spent any time driving has been caught by one. They’re hard to miss. A long line of cars with orange flags flying, their headlights on and their emergency flashers blinking. They run every light that gets in their way and hold up traffic and... Read more »

The case for child euthanasia

Euthanasia is always a controversial subject. And it gets even more controversial when the idea of child euthanasia is brought into the light. The country of Belgium brought child euthanasia to the forefront earlier this week when the country’s parliament legalized child euthanasia. According to the BBC, when the bill is signed into law by... Read more »

Why I may need to care about the Olympics

It’s no secret that I don’t really give a rip about the Olympics. Really, I think that for Americans, the Olympics are nothing more than an international penis-size competition and if you dare suggest the U.S. doesn’t have the biggest dick in the world, you’re un-patriotic. No thanks. But I might have to care about... Read more »

The best ways to tell someone to get lost

When’s the last time you told someone to hit the bricks? Or said that if someone didn’t like what you were doing, they could go kick rocks? Ever tell anyone to piss/sod/bugger off? I know I haven’t heard any of those expressions recently. I love all those phrases and yet I haven’t used them recently... Read more »

Chicago Ink

When you think of Chicago, what images come into your mind? Here’s why I ask. I’ve wanted some kind of Chicago-themed tattoo for some time. This city is home to me and being away for a long time only cemented that feeling. And so I wanted some sort of visual representation of that permanently drawn... Read more »