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Unexpected benefits of finding a job

There are a lot of great things about finding a job. Steady income, the ability to pay bills, health insurance. You get the idea. But as I found out recently, there are perks to finding a job that you don’t necessarily think about when you’re in the job hunting process. And yes, I realize I’m... Read more »

The cycle of job hunting emotions

The worst part about a prolonged job hunt is the fact that it screws with your emotions. You start out excited about new possibilities, but after sending out tons of resumes with no response, you crash back to reality in a pretty nasty way. But no sooner have you resigned yourself to hopelessness, you get... Read more »

Friday WTF: Having a job can keep you from getting a new one

Welcome, everyone, to what I’d like to make a regular feature here at Where the Beer and Whiskey Flow. I’m calling it “Friday WTF.” For those who aren’t familiar with the acronym “WTF,” I’ll explain. The “w” stands for “what,” the “t” stands for “the” and the “f” stands for the most versatile of all... Read more »

Cover letters need to die in a fire

There are a lot of crappy things about job hunting. There’s the constant emotional roller coaster of getting excited about a job for which you are qualified followed by not even getting an email response when you send off a resume. There’s the frustration of constantly reevaluating and tweaking your resume and LinkedIn profile in... Read more »

Job hunting makes me a jerk

Everyone wants to see their friends/loved ones happy. I’m no exception. I know it sounds like an online dating profile cliche to say this (and it is), but seeing my friends happy and successful makes me really happy. Things are different when I’m job hunting. But I will admit that hearing people talk about things... Read more »

Job hunting limbo

The more I hunt for jobs, the more convinced I become that Dante, when he wrote Inferno, forgot to list the circle of Hell reserved for those attempting and failing to find jobs. Yes, I’m talking about job hunting limbo. It’s a state I know well and I’m not sure what I did to earn... Read more »