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Late Friday WTF: Business casual - WTF does that mean?

So a while back, I talked about starting a weekly feature called Friday WTF. Well, I’ve been bad about keeping up. Sorry about that. But at long last here’s a (post) Friday WTF. There’s a term that gets thrown around when describing workplace dress codes and I’ve realized recently that I don’t have a bloody... Read more »

Friday WTF: Having a job can keep you from getting a new one

Welcome, everyone, to what I’d like to make a regular feature here at Where the Beer and Whiskey Flow. I’m calling it “Friday WTF.” For those who aren’t familiar with the acronym “WTF,” I’ll explain. The “w” stands for “what,” the “t” stands for “the” and the “f” stands for the most versatile of all... Read more »