Late-night productivity

Let me set a scene.

It's 2:24 a.m. The world is asleep. I'm sitting in a cheap Ikea chair in my pajamas (flannel pants with pictures of the Beatles' yellow submarine on them and a grubby t-shirt). My dog, Chester, is asleep on a blanket by my feet (Chester is an adorable sleeper, by the way). My TV is tuned to USA

Isn't Chester an adorable sleeper?

Doesn't Chester sleep adorably?

and as per usual, and episode of Law and Order: SVU is on. The world, save for me, seems to be asleep or out partying.

But despite my love of the show currently on, I'm not really paying attention. Or at least I haven't been until just a couple minutes ago. Why? Because I just spent the last hour updating my resume. Aren't I cool, with my being all responsible and adulty on a Friday night?

But it's not the first time. The last time I did a significant resume update, it was during the late-night/early-morning hours. I don't remember what was on TV, but I'm sure it wasn't anything spectacular.

There's something about being awake when the rest of the world sleeps that inspires a bit of productivity in me. I'm not really sure what that thing is, but I do know that much of my best work (whatever that work may be) is done when normal people are sleeping. It's been true for a long time. Maybe it's that it's easier to focus. The world seems to slow down at this hour. Facebook and Twitter aren't updating as quickly as they do during the day. Your friends are sleeping so your phone isn't constantly alerting you to phone calls and text messages. It's like your brain is working in overdrive.

And I must say, it feels pretty good. That said, I hope my late-night resume-update session wasn't for nothing.

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