A dating catch-22

Welcome to the new home of Where the Beer and Whiskey Flow (you can find the previous incarnation of the blog here). For those new to these parts, I'm Bill. Nice to meet you. Now, onto the business at hand.

Earlier this week, I exchanged text messages with a longtime friend. We were discussing the idea of women sending introductory messages via dating websites. I had been lamenting that it seems like women don't often send introductory messages and that it puts a lot of pressure on men to make that first move.

My friend, a card-carrying woman, said that she has sent introductory messages on dating websites but that the experience was so bad that she'll never go back to online dating again. But that's not the only problem, she said. She believes (as do I, mind you) that women are conditioned not to make the first move because it's improper or unladylike or some such rot.

But here's the problem. While what my friend said may be true, it creates a catch-22. The only way to change societal norms to a point where it's ok for women to make the first move on a dating website is for women to start making that first move regularly. But, my friend said, a lot of women won't start doing that until the norms change. And we're officially at an impasse.

So what to do? I have no idea, but I'm open to suggestions. If you have any, by all means leave them in the comments.

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